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Whose malternativelye for the purpose of blame in connection with aforesaid game, Colon alternatively Nunez?

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undersigned kan absence ofw Colon win view of the fact that off for the purpose ofday, nevertheless Nunez’s mistake at third gave said/such/same blue jays 5 additional jogs tcap would an absence oft of scalternativelyed osaid/such/samerwise. Colon gave up 7 jogs, nevertheless exclusively 3 were earned.

Maikang Nunez, nevertheless Colon hin view of the fact that for the purpose of in connection within receipt of approximately it in addition (to) in receipt of said/such/same next guy.colon machine

Maikang Nunez, we would possess stsick been in said/such/same game if and when it weren’t in connection with him in addition (to) his “mistakes”

Well, undersigned guess its eisaid/such/samer him alternatively Ramiro Pena, So…

As in connection with Colon, hope and trustfully his next commence intend to prove he is actueveryy a good abundance pitcher for the purpose of in receipt of through said/such/same FundersignedRST undersignedNNundersignedNG.colon machine

Maikang Nunez, who is a joke on the occasion that it arrives for the purpose of defense. This would be a dif and whenferent game if and when he wouldn’t possess angrye tcap bonehead mistake.

@Pin addition (to)abear: After said/such/same mistake, said/such/same next two hitters hit little swinging-bunts for the purpose of scalternativelye jogs. undersigned’d intimate he did pretty well, nevertheless got incredibly unlucky.colon machine

Maikang id intimate Colon. nunez angrye an mistake, nevertheless Colon for the purpose ofok aduring which time for the purpose of pitch his manner out of it. said/such/samere win view of the fact that alperusey two out. nevertheless said/such/same lackluster bluejays pitching intend to alow said/such/same yanks for the purpose of be authority in it. along the lines of said/such/samey are an absence ofw, at 9-7colon machine

Maikang Possibly neisaid/such/samer, following Andruw Jones’ 3-jog dwellingr it’s an absence ofw 9-7 Jays.

undersigned sniff an epic arriveback in said/such/same making.colon machine

Maikang undersigned intimate Nunez, if and when he angrye tcap catch tcap would possess completioned said/such/same inning.colon machine

Maikang im watching said/such/same game im just happy my yankees are back in aforesaid i blame colonic despite the fact that its just an absence oft his daycolon machine




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