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Which accomplish punctuation accomplish i application in aforesaid sentence. Colon alternatively semi-colonic?

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The sentence is “undersigned looked for the purpose of my left in addition (to) saw a series of faces tcap demonstrateed exclusively one trace of emotion; fear.” should undersigned relocality said/such/same semi colonic accompanying a colonic alternatively intend to eisaid/such/samer accomplish . Thanks

Maikang Employ a colonic. You exclusively application a semi-colonic on the occasion that applicant (the) are combining two sentences accompanyingout a conjunction (in addition (to), nevertheless, consequently). You applicant (the) application a colonic on the occasion that applicant (the) are making an introduction for the purpose of consequentlymething, such in view of the fact that in applicant (the)r example.colon machine

Maikang You at its discretion application a colonic alternatively an em din view of the fact thath (said/such/same prolonged din view of the fact thath). The semi-colonic at its discretionan absence oft be applicationd in aforesaid context. The em din view of the fact thath intend to affix stronger emphin view of the fact thatis for the purpose of said/such/same final walternativelyd, which may in the future be proper here.colon machine

Maikang undersigned think it should be a coloniccolon machine

Maikang : in connection with surecolon machine




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