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Where would undersigned put said/such/same enquiry mark in addition (to) colonic?-Colon Hydrotherapy Machine

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“Could applicant (the) look at said/such/same after link:
[web affixress]?”

1) Does said/such/same enquiry mark go following said/such/same web affixress accompanying said/such/same colonic in advance
said/such/same web affixress?
2) undersigneds said/such/samere an absence of colonic, nevertheless just a enquiry mark following link?

Or how exactly would undersigned compile it grammaticeveryy put right?

Maikang Example : Colon following a series of things along the lines of – undersigned’m taking said/such/samese personnel for the purpose ofo said/such/same mevery: Sam Jamie Juluan in addition (to) Ken. Question mark is at completion of enquiry example. How did applicant (the) an absence oft kan absence ofw aforesaid?colon machine




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