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What is colon hydrotherapy manaul?


What is colon hydrotherapy?

Colon hydrotherapy, also known as colon cleansing or colonic irrigation, is often
practised as a form of alternative medicine. The claimed purpose of the procedure is
to remove toxin, lose weight, prevent diseases, relieve constipation, promote general
health and well-being.
Description of the procedure
It is known that such procedure commonly involved the use of “Colonic Irrigation
Systems” which are medical devices originally intended for bowel preparation before
radiological or endoscopic procedures.
The client generally lies down and water is pumped through the rectum via a
tube. Fluids and waste are expelled through another tube. A large volume of fluid,
up to 60 litres would be introduced into the colon via the rectum. The procedure may
be repeated several times.
Purported mechanism of action
It is claimed that with the introduction of filtered and temperature regulated water
into the colon through the anus, the waste could be softened and loosened, resulting
in evacuation through natural bowel movement. The purported health benefit is
claimed to be achieved by removing waste and toxins from the body. However, there
is a lack of evidence from the medical literature that colon cleansing can produce
these effects.
Potential risks and complications
• Complications associated with the procedure may include abdominal pain,
nausea and vomiting, diarrhoea and dehydration. It may also result in
electrolyte disturbances causing symptoms like nausea, fatigue, etc. Severe
complications include bowel perforation, renal failure, pelvic abscess and air
• The use of improperly sterilised equipment may lead to transmission of
infection. Outbreak of amoebiasis with fatalities associated with colon
hydrotherapy has been reported.
Advice to the public
1. There is no evidence that the procedure could remove waste and toxins from
the body as claimed. You should consult a registered doctor if you have any
health concern.
2. The purported health-promoting effect of colon hydrotherapy is questionable.
The procedure may cause complications which can be fatal. Consumers
should think twice before undergoing the procedure. If you suffer from
constipation, medical attention should be sought to identify the cause of the
3. Understand the potential risks and complications of colon hydrotherapy
before you decide to undergo the procedure.
4. Request for related information from the service provider, including his/her
name, qualifications, experience in performing the procedure, details of the
procedure and any arrangements for dealing with emergencies and
complications (e.g. intense discomfort) during the procedure.
5. You should pay attention to the sanitary condition of the environment,
including the tools used, whether the instruments have been properly
disinfected, and whether the plastic tubes used are disposable.
6. Persons with a history of gastrointestinal diseases (such as diverticulitis,
Crohn’s disease, or ulcerative colitis) or a history of colon surgery, severe
haemorrhoids, kidney disease or heart disease (fluid overload may affect the
kidneys and heart) may have an increased risk of complications. They are
not suitable for the procedure.
7. If you feel unwell after the procedure, seek medical attention immediately.


What is colon hydrotherapy




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