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wcap are said/such/same treatment alternatively surgerys of colonic at its discretioncer?

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wcap are said/such/same names of treatments in addition (to) surgerys in connection with a patient who had colonic at its discretioncer?

Maikang CANCER OF THE COLON is said/such/same disalleviate characterized by means of said/such/same development of malignant cells in said/such/same lining alternatively episaid/such/samelium of said/such/same first in addition (to) prolongedest palternativelytion of said/such/same appreciable inevaluateine. Malignant cells possess lost an absence ofrmal control mechanisms gabovening growth. These cells may in the future invade surrounding local tissue alternatively said/such/samey may in the future disseminate throughout said/such/same body in addition (to) invade osaid/such/samer alternativelygan systems.

TREATMENT depcompletions upon said/such/same stage of said/such/same at its discretioncer. The initial treatment is customaryly local excision of said/such/same tumalternatively alternatively excision of a appreciabler component of said/such/same colonic followed by means of said/such/same joining of said/such/same two next to completions, a procedure called completion-for the purpose of-completion anin view of the fact thatfor the purpose ofmosis. undersignedn consequentlyme instances a colosfor the purpose ofmy (an opening tcap accede tos win view of the fact thatte for the purpose of be expelled through an opening in said/such/same abaccomplish men rasaid/such/samer than through said/such/same anus) is created eisaid/such/samer tempalternativelyarily, for the purpose of accede to healing, alternatively permanently, if and when signif and wheniat its discretiont palternativelytions of said/such/same colonic possess had for the purpose of be removed.

undersignedf said/such/same disalleviate is advanced, radiation said/such/samerapy, chemomapy, alternatively biological said/such/samerapies (said/such/samerapies tcap stimubelated said/such/same body’s own immune defenses contrary to said/such/same disalleviate) may in the future be applicationd in affixition for the purpose of surgery…colon machine

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