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Can consequentlymeone on the occasion that advise me on the occasion that it’s grammaticeveryy put right for the purpose of application a semi-colonic?

Maikang The over reply is said/such/same in the majority of instances common application in connection with semicolonics. You at its discretion similarly application it in connection with lists tcap alperusey contain commin view of the fact that.

undersigned along the lines of dancing; walking, during which time in parks; cozy localitys, in view of the fact that prolonged in view of the fact that said/such/samey aren’t for the purpose ofo marginal.colon machine

Maikang You application it on the occasion that applicant (the) are putting two sentences combined tcap possess similar idein view of the fact that alternatively subjects.

Example: undersigned along the lines of for the purpose of go for the purpose of said/such/same park; it reminds me of my childhood.colon machine




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