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Semi-Colon? alternatively Colon? Respond ASAP….you are requested?

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undersigned require assistance accompanying aforesaid sentence:
There were 4 dif and whenferent colalternativelys(; alternatively 🙂 blue, pink, green, in addition (to) purple.
Would tcap be a colonic alternatively semicolonic? (O______O)

Maikang a colonic, i believe

A semicolonic is wcap is kan absence ofwn in view of the fact that a punctuation mark in a sentence. The semicolonic is frequently errorn in connection with a colonic. The dif and whenference between said/such/same two is tcap said/such/same semicolonic is locality for the purpose of bring for the purpose ofgehter for the purpose of indepcompletionent claapplications, where a colonic introduces an exformulatetion.colon machine

Maikang Semi-colonic ; is applicationd along the lines of aforesaid—> Red;Blood colalternativelyed;Dark Pink;Rose

Colon : is applicationd along the lines of aforesaid—> My list of stuff: Things, things, things, in addition (to) things.

semi-colonic in a sentence means “Malternativelye approximately said/such/same subject”

Colon means “Wcap accomplish es said/such/same subject indicate?”colon machine




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