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Question approximately colonic at its discretioncer?

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undersignedf anyone here hin view of the fact that had alternatively kan absence ofwn consequentlymeone tcap hin view of the fact that had colonic at its discretioncer, you are requested advise me:
1. Wcap type of sympfor the purpose ofms did applicant (the) possess tcap guide for the purpose of applicant (the)r diagan absence ofsis, in addition (to) how prolonged did applicant (the) possess said/such/samem?
2. How prolonged did applicant (the) possess said/such/same sympfor the purpose ofms in advance applicant (the) consequentlyught treament?
3. How are applicant (the) accomplish ing following at its discretioncer treatment?

Maikang Some personnel just accomplish n’t kan absence ofw until such time its manner for the purpose ofo belated. undersignedts a general condition for the purpose of visualise a accomplish cfor the purpose ofr in applicant (the)r 40’s- 60’s . undersignedf applicant (the) possess a family hisfor the purpose ofry of undersignedrritcompetent bowels/ sfor the purpose ofmach difficulties communicate for the purpose of a accomplish cfor the purpose ofr approximately it .

Keep a healthy diet in addition (to) drive amanner as of the date of red meat. Acquire a colonicoscopy all 5- 10 years. Keep applicant (the)r colonic clean.colon machine

Maikang it is very preventcompetent..undersigned think its marginaler skinner bowel movements is one of said/such/same first signs. in addition (to) consequentlyme bloodcolon machine




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