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Newest Model home cleaning machine MINI COLON hydrotherapy


MINI COLON hydrotherapy MINI COLON hydrotherapy

MINI COLON hydrotherapy MINI COLON hydrotherapy

MINI COLON hydrotherapy  MINI COLON hydrotherapy


Mini size

One key operation

2000ML volume

Four kinds of Nozzles for vulva, anus, vaginal and colon cleaning

With recharge battery, support a long time auto-cleaning.

Manual control to adjust medical safe water flow


Operation details:

  1. Stick the handleset on a wall which place must be higher than main machine, when you are not use, please hang the handle on the set.
  2. Close the flow control valve:Before adding water, please slide the roller on the flow control valve upward to close the water flow


  1. Fill withwater: Please turn the knob counterclockwise to the “on” remark to open case,and fill with water which is below 40 degrees The machine volume is 2000ML. When you fill with water, please keep the water is below edge of the cover.
  2. Assemblythe nozzle: align the groove on the nozzle with the position of the buckle on the handle, to fix the nozzle on the handle, and do not twist the nozzle after fixed, avoid damage to the buckle on the handle. (if personal broken Nozzle which is not warranty)
  3. Flushing:Open the flow control valve, adjust to the appropriate strength, and then open the switch on the handle to flush. Please do not turn on the switch when the flow regulating valve is not turned on, so as not to damage the machine.
  4. Use different nozzles to clean different parts. Press the switch on the handle once to turn it on, then press it again to turn it off.


①Cleaning the nozzle after defecation: After inserting the toilet, clean the nozzle, first wash the anus and then start from the very end of the vulva, rinse the edge of the vulva and the labia major and minor clockwise, then wash the vulva and anus junction, and finally wash the anus for three times.

② Laxative nozzle: Insert the laxative nozzle on the handle, align the water outlet at the top of the laxative nozzle with the anus hole, close to the anus hole, press the switch on the handle to inject water into the anus, and in the process of injecting water into the anus In the middle, the anus can be in a normal closed state. Don’t open it deliberately, and don’t close it deliberately. Let the water be in a state where the water can only be in and out, and stop pouring water when you feel the feeling of suffocation. Hold for a while, then drain the water. Repeat several times until all the stools are dry. When the dry stool is passed out, it has become a debris and sinks, which is different from the normal stool.

MINI COLON hydrotherapy MINI COLON hydrotherapy MINI COLON hydrotherapy MINI COLON hydrotherapy

③Cleaning the bowels and defecation: Insert the laxative nozzle on the handle, (the operation method is the same as above), inject water until you feel the feeling of suffocation, stop the levator ani, take a deep breath, and rub the belly. When the feeling of suffocation is relieved, continue to irrigate with the laxative nozzle until the feeling of suffocation is strong. Stop watering and then drain the stool. It can be repeated several times. Replenish water to the intestines while clearing the intestines, enhance the peristalsis of the intestines, and restore the health and vitality of the intestines.


④Vaginal soft nozzle/vaginal cleaning nozzle (hard nozzle): insert the nozzle on the female-only rod, and then install the rod on the handle. After pre-wetting the nozzle, slowly insert the nozzle into the vagina, slowly rotate the shampoo from side to side, gently push the nozzle deep and shallow and repeatedly pump and rinse, pull it out after 3-8 seconds, and insert it after the sewage in the vagina flows out, repeat 2 to 4 times Wash to the vagina (unmarried women use with caution). Women’s cleaning frequency: Women generally wash once a day.

MINI COLON hydrotherapy MINI COLON hydrotherapy

Increase the number of cleanings when there is inflammation or bad odor Tips for enema: (1) Take a deep breath during the enema, close the lower abdomen, breathe naturally, and let the anus relax naturally. After the rectum is full, stop irrigation and start defecation. It can be repeated several times until the stool is completely discharged. For long-term constipation, those with dark yellow skin should develop the habit of regular bowel movements, preferably once in the morning and once in the evening.

  • Let the rectum and colon drink water:dry and dry rectum is easy to lack water, insist on irrigating the rectum every day, so that water molecules can nourish the thirsty rectum and lubricate the rectum. Long-term use will enhance intestinal and gastric peristalsis, and enhancing gastrointestinal motility will reduce constipation Forms, removes toxins, and exudes natural health and beauty.

(3) The number of enema cleaning: generally 1-2 times a day. Morning and evening. Suggestion: When the stool is dry or the intestines are cleaned, special salt or normal saline can be used for enema. The salt has a certain sterilizing and moisturizing effect and protects the probiotic flora in the intestinal tract. (It is not recommended to use coffee enema, especially for patients with enteritis and hemorrhoids.

MINI COLON hydrotherapy MINI COLON hydrotherapy

MINI COLON hydrotherapy MINI COLON hydrotherapy MINI COLON hydrotherapy MINI COLON hydrotherapy MINI COLON hydrotherapy MINI COLON hydrotherapy

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