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mega colonic (encropresis)?

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if and when a child had mega colonic would surgery be an choice in addition (to) if and when an absence oft wcap are said/such/same choices for the purpose of put righting aforesaid halternativelyrible problem.

Maikang You’ve actueveryy got two dif and whenferent issues listed.

Encropresis is fecal consequentlyiling. Soiling occurs as a consequence of said/such/same child hin view of the fact that lost said/such/same an absence ofrmal anal reflex through too many constipation in addition (to) subsequent DundersignedLATATundersignedON of said/such/same bowel – ‘retention & aboveflow.’

Megacolonic is a descriptive term. undersignedt dean absence oftes DundersignedLundersignedTATundersignedON of said/such/same colonic tcap is an absence oft occasioned by mechanical obstruction.

Surgery is exclusively one possible medical choice, in addition (to) probably said/such/same exclusively choice tcap would “put right” aforesaid halternativelyrible problem. Osaid/such/samer choices include diet modif and whenications, consequentlyme medical procedures, etc. Check out said/such/same link hereunder:

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