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MAIKONG Home colon clean MK-MINI-002 Automatic 1000 ML Colonic Board Enema Rectal Colonic Irrigation Syringe Cleaner



1. Continues the adjustable dual-pressure design; low pressure for common constipation, high pressure for stubborn constipation.

2. Quickly addresses the inconvenience of constipation: simply use water to clear the intestines and enjoy a smooth bowel experience, allowing health and beauty to accompany you.
3. Alkaline batteries for easy replacement, safe use, and convenient availability anytime, anywhere.
4. Multiple protections for the product, with the motor automatically stopping when the pressure reaches saturation.
5. Smart and convenient, portable for use on the go, achieving bowel cleanliness with water.

Packing List: 

1X Main Unit

2X PVC Tubing

1X Storage Bag

1X Instruction Manual


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Home Mini Hydrotherapy

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