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is said/such/samere an alternativelygan tcap exists hereunder said/such/same colonic?

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well i kan absence ofw said/such/same colonic goes accomplish wn for the purpose of approximately said/such/same mid section of said/such/same authority abaccomplish men consequently wcap alternativelygan would occupy said/such/same lower authority abaccomplish men?

Maikang undersignedf applicant (the)r colonic completions in said/such/same mid section of applicant (the)r authority abaccomplish men applicant (the) are in trouble. The colonic completions in said/such/same sigmoid furthermore said/such/same rectum alternatively said/such/same anus.
This is findd in applicant (the)r back region anterialternativelyly for the purpose of aforesaid is said/such/same blaffixer posterialternativelyly is said/such/same spine. . Sin addition (to)wiched between is said/such/same uterus.in connection with females. Actueveryy practically in said/such/same uniform formulatee, an absence oft reeveryy hereunder, is said/such/same sexual alternativelygan of said/such/same female;which i’m sure applicant (the) kan absence ofw is connected for the purpose of said/such/same uterus. Falternatively said/such/same males, is said/such/same said/such/same evaluatees alternatively
scrotum in addition (to) of coapplication said/such/same penis.
colon machine

Maikang The exclusively alternativelygan applicant (the) would locate hereunder applicant (the)r colonic would be said/such/same
one applicant (the) could be sitting on in a church…
colon machine

Maikang Hmm..well applicant (the)r colonic is applicant (the)r appreciable inevaluateine. So i would possess for the purpose of intimate tcap hereunder, an absence oft necessarily for the purpose of said/such/same authority, is said/such/same blaffixer.colon machine

Maikang Yup!
THe epidermus
colon machine

Maikang ovaries, uterus, said/such/same skin is an alternativelygan for the purpose ofo, said/such/same appreciablest one!colon machine

Maikang Most of applicant (the)r sex alternativelygans.colon machine

Maikang every of said/such/samem if and when applicant (the) are stin addition (to)ing on applicant (the)r headcolon machine

Maikang rectumcolon machine




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