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Hole in colonic????????????????

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wcap is a hole in said/such/same colonic? how serious is it in addition (to) accomplish es it need surgery? at its discretion applicant (the) reside accompanying it??
thanks in connection with said/such/same assistance 🙂

Maikang Hole undersignedn Coloncolon machine

Maikang undersigned possess a pal in said/such/same hospital an absence ofw in connection with hole in his colonic how prolonged would he possess for the purpose of remain in hospital accompanying aforesaid rule… he ate alot of spcold in addition (to) fried foods in addition (to) smokes weed consequentlyo would he possess for the purpose of remove tcap diet in addition (to) in receipt of a revised?colon machine

Maikang Oh my Lalternativelyd…Volt me a gong….undersigned am consequentlyrry for the purpose of listen hereof rule. Hopefully a good for the purpose ofnic at its discretion assistance in addition (to) promote wholeconsequentlyme healing. Excellent luck accompanying a desire in connection with prudent medical tell.colon machine

Maikang colon machine

Maikang an absence of applicant (the) require surgery alternatively applicant (the) would diecolon machine




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