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High Colonic Irrigation Colon Cleansing PDF


High Colonic Irrigation Colon Cleansing

High colonic irrigation ozone colon cleansing techniques, detoxify bacteria, parasites, toxins, virus.
Lays foundation, improved health, more active life style. Cleaning large intestine starts new life cycle,
more enjoyable, exciting life.
High colonic irrigation kills harmful bacteria, parasites, virus. Draws toxins through blood, liver,
lymph back into large intestine for better elimination. It treats the cause, not the symptoms!
Colonic Irrigation Cleansing Techniques
Cleaning the colon to detoxify is not some new fad or technique. It has been in use since 1500 B-C by
the Egyptians. Dr. Elmer Lee introduced the first method used by many physicians in the U.S. for
irrigating the intestines in the late 1800s.
First used in St. Petersburg during the cholera epidemic of 1892. It was found to be a cure for cholera
and many other bowel diseases at that time. Dr. Lees apparatus and methods used then are similar to
the same boards and methods used today.
Type of colon therapy covered in this information to detoxify is known as colonic cleansing, high
colonic irrigation colon cleansing, high colonic, high enema, colonic enema, home self colonic, colon
hydrotherapy, or colonic hydrotherapy. They are all basically the same with the same purpose. Old
stagnated and putrefied fecal materials are simply washed out of the large intestine.
Cesspool gets a more through cleaning when the high colonic irrigation water is purified and saturated
with the best sanitizing and purifying agent known to man.
Technique expressed here is self-cleansing using ozone (O3 or activated oxygen) and other oxygen
therapies to further increase oxygen content in the blood and cells. Those who have administered
oxygenated water for colon cleansing to their patients in the past have achieved remarkable success.
Oxygen therapies can be used successfully if used correctly.
There are several colon cleansing techniques available and those that choose the common chemical
laxatives over the herbal remedies usually receive additional problems.
High colonic irrigation colon cleansing is a safe and simple method that irrigates the large intestine
with water (gravity flow) to clean out the years of toxins and accumulated waste lining the walls of the
large intestine. Removing the years of this buildup improves colon function and other normal
These colon cleansing techniques habit forming? No, but feeling good without any problems can most
definitely become a better habit.
Ozone is being used with great success by oxygen therapy users for high colonic irrigation colon
cleansing who ozonate the water and add a little hydrogen peroxide. In the anaerobic world of
bacteria, pathogens and virus, oxygen is public enemy number one to these little creatures. Nothing
can surpass the kill power of natural element in this environment.
Why would you consider a self colonic? The colon is essential to your well-being and for elimination
of waste products and toxins. The threats of new degenerative disease agents and lifestyles of today
necessitates the need for some type of colon therapy or cleansing in everyone.
Everyday, more and more professionals are starting to realize that nearly all disease can be traced to a toxic colon or deficiencies in vitamins and minerals.
Colon, Large Intestine Colon is the major part of the large intestine. It is a segmented tube within the abdomen cavity like a
large M shaped loop about 4.5 feet long and 2.5 inches wide. The large intestine ends at the anus.
Smaller intestine is situated below the stomach and liver. It is the major part of our digestive tract. It
occupies much of the central and lower parts of the abdomen. The smaller intestine is about 21 feet in
length and 1.5 inches wide. The total surface of the gastrointestinal system is about six thousand
square feet.

Healthy Colon
Main role of the large intestine is the absorption of water and the removal of waste products and
toxins. The two-way membrane of the colon allows for the absorption of nutrients into the blood.
Majority of all the vitamins and minerals from the foods you eat are absorbed through the walls of the
colon. Deficiencies of vital nutrients are a result of a dirty colon or not eating properly. Taking OXY￾MEGA oxygen supplement product in combination with Sea Power Plus will help.
Europe, doctors consider the colon as the third lung because it has the ability to absorb up to 70
percent of the oxygen introduced to it during surgery.
Common Disorders, Symptoms, Colon Health Problems
Common disorders of the intestines are: congenital defects, infection and inflammation, tumors,
impaired blood supply, obstructions, peptic ulcers, and ulceration in the smaller intestine occur in
Other disorders are appendicitis, diverticular disease, overweight, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative
colitis, worms, bowel, or colon cancer, and other forms of cancer. Medical science acknowledges that
up to 85 percent or more of all adult Americans suffer from some type of intestinal problem. Children
are also effected by these same problems because of their diets.
Some symptoms of dysfunction are: allergies, appetite loss, asthma, backache’s, bad breath, bad odor,
concentration loss, depression, eczema, fatigue, food craving, gingivitis, headaches, hemorrhoids,
indigestion, insomnia, irritability, memory loss, menstrual problems, nausea, nervousness, prostate
problems, stomach pains, swelling, tension and weight problems.
Over the years, the walls can become encrusted with uneliminated waste, making its function
inefficient. The average person may have up to 10 pounds or more of old uneliminated waste sitting
dormant in the large intestine. Others can have as much as 10 to 30 extra pounds of unnecessary
weight that can be eliminated doing high colonic irrigation.
Appendicitis is an inflammation in the appendix, which is due to an obstruction by a lump of feces or
parasites. The tissue lining becomes infected inflamed and causes swelling of the appendix. This
condition can lead to gangrene or bursting of the appendix if not treated.
Auto-intoxication occurs when poisons and toxins are absorbed into the bloodstream via the colon.
This is due to a dirty buildup of old waste matter that is not properly eliminated.
Toxic poisons are usually the result of bacterial action during the putrefaction of foods that travel too
slowly due to a blockage or constipation in the smaller or large intestine. These toxins will eventually
burden every vital organ and cell. In Europe, this condition is known as Alimentary Intestinal Toxemia
or better known as a toxic colon.
Ballooning occurs when waste backs up and stretches the walls of the colon due to a stricture or
narrowing of the passageway. Stricture is damaged tissue from an inflammatory disease like colitis.
The waste has a hard time getting through and causes the ballooning.
Colon Cancer is the second most common type of cancer and accounts for 20 percent of all cancer
deaths. Carcinoid tumors are slow growing and can spread to the liver. Lymphoma damage the
intestinal walls, causes bad absorption of foods, and travels to the lymph nodes. About 97,700 cases of
cancer are diagnosed yearly in the United States; consequently, 47,000 will die yearly.
Diverticula Disease is caused when the muscular walls in the colon become weak due to lack of fiber
or bulk. The hernia can occur in the weak spots to make pouches that protrude outward, called
diverticula. When the pouches collect food and waste, the condition is called Diverticulosis. When an
infection occurs on the inner lining of the pouches due to bacteria, the condition is called

Inflammatory Bowel Disease is ulcerated colitis or Crohn’s Disease. Ulcerated colitis is ulcers or
abscesses that occur from inflammation of the mucous lining. Crohn’s Disease usually occurs in the
smaller intestine (ileum) or in the large intestine from spreading inflammation. Scar tissue develops as
they heal which narrows the passageway. Transit time is reduced which results in weight loss and
Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a disorder of the muscular walls that effect transit time of waste to the
rectum. This condition is also known as Apparent Colon Syndrome, Mucous Colitis, Spastic, or Non￾inflammatory Bowel Disease. This is the number one digestive disease in the United States.
Mucosa is mucus formed to trap harmful substances and keep them from penetrating into the tissue.
The natural mucus is needed for lubrication in the elimination of waste. Some foods create mucus that
adds to the propagation of bacteria or pathogens. An excess of mucosa in the stools causes clumping
of the feces and constipation. Dysfunction occurs when the mucus becomes stagnant and putrefied
which keeps building up layer upon layer. It then becomes a source of infection, irritation, abscessed,
and ulceration on the walls of the large intestine. The toxins created will be absorbed into the blood.
This condition also inhibits the absorption of nutrients and water.
Obstructions are a blockage that can be caused from waste backing up due to weak muscle
contractions, undigested food, diverticula, hernia in the smaller intestine, closure or narrowing, a
twisting or knotting of the colon, or worm infestation.
Parasites living in the smaller and large intestine contribute to a variety of disease and most intestinal
disorders. Worms destroy the intestinal lining, cause inflammation, irritations, infection, weak spots in
the intestinal walls, and are responsible for the accumulation of some toxic waste.
Polyp are growths on the inside of the small intestine and colon. The polyp can cause a blockage in the
small intestine and become cancerous.
Prolapsus in the transverse is caused from an accumulation of waste. Gravity will force the transverse
colon downward. The excess weight will determine the pressure exerted on the other organs like the
spine and back.
Spastic Bowel occurs when the bowl muscle spasm from being overworked and tense.
Ulcerations are caused from constipation and auto-intoxication. This occurs on the muscle tissue from
abrasions or irritants from bacterial or parasite infections, toxins, and result in bleeding from open
Abnormal Colon
Note the cut-away view of the Ascending Colon. It shows a tiny hole in the inside of the encrusted
hard fecal matter, which is probably more than 20 years of formation.
Cycle of death begins when the function of the colon is impaired. When not functioning properly it
will affect the digestive system and every living cell and organ. When the foods are not fully digested,
the degenerative cycle begins. The undigested foods begin putrefying and creates an over acidic
condition. The friendly bacteria begin to die off, creating an anaerobic environment for disease
producing bacteria, virus, fungi and parasites. The accumulation of toxins or poisons from this
environment can build up in the lymph and bloodstream. This condition is called auto-intoxication or
Colon environment becomes out-of-balance, colon cancer and other disease is the end result. When the
toxins are absorbed through the blood capillaries lining the large intestine, the blood will putrefy and
further acidification of the blood takes place. After time, the dirty blood can pollute every human cell.
The cycle of life reverts to a cycle of death. Life begins and ends in the intestines. To fully detoxify,
high colonic irrigation colon cleansing is a must.
Learn more on the medical benefits of self colonic, high colonic irrigation colon cleansing techniques,
colon therapy and oxygen therapies click on the following link.
Ozone Colonic Cleansing Benefits
Ozone colonic irrigation cleansing helps absorption blood bowel intestinal health digestive problems
indigestion yeast infection. Helps control blood pressure, restores pH balance, restores proper digestion,
reduces bad odors.
Colon cleansing benefits: clears colon blockage, bloating. Induce proper blood clotting, stimulates
production white blood cells, purifies blood, bacteria, viruses. Helps prevent gallstone production.
Colon Cleansing Colonic Irrigation Part Two
Ozone colonic colon cleansing assists in the breakdown of cholesterol, cleans the colon of yeast
infection and parasites, stops infection and inflammation and helps the liver produces more bile to aid
the absorption of lipids and nutrients.
Some symptoms relieved by colon cleansing are: a coated tongue, colon cancer, constipation, backache,
bad breath, bloating, fatigue, bad gas, headaches, indigestion, loss of concentration, lung congestion,
sinus congestion, skin problems, nail fungus, and symptoms of yeast infection.
Simple observation of feces provides valuable guidelines to what is or not needed in your daily diet. The
transit time (the time it takes for foods to travel through the digestive tract) can be too slow or too fast.
Looking at what you created is like looking at a picture that tells a thousand words. Thinking this is
degrading or embarrassing is like not facing reality.
Bristol Stool Form Scale divides stools into seven distinct types, size, shape, color.
Dry with hard lumps or clumps. When transit time is too long, one may be extremely constipated.
Usually caused by a lack of fluids, lack of friendly bacteria, essential oils, stress, excess mucosa, and not
enough good fiber. Avoid alcohol, baking soda, and all products with refined white flour, sugar, white
rice and yeast.
Like lumpy sausage.
Like sausage with surface cracks.
Long smooth surface. Normal, good color, quick exit, and easy to clean.
Blobs with well-defined margins.
Fluffy with ragged edges.
Watery with no solids. Diarrhea is usually caused by a bacterial or virus infection from foods or water. It
can also be caused from anxiety, food allergy, drugs, or problems in the colon. This is a sign that
something is wrong and the bodies are trying to clean.
Drink extra water with vitamin C and electrolytes added to avoid dehydration. If it continues for too
long a colonic irrigation should end it.|
Size and shape of the stools indicate the transit time through the digestive tract. The color can tell you
how well your digestion is and alert you to other changes concerning your wellness.
Lighter in color (pale) may indicate a blockage in the bile duct or a deficiency in producing bile (a
digestive aid). Because of the high fat content, stools may be foul smelling and sticky like clay making it
difficult to flush. This is usually the result of bad absorption.
Blood (red) in the stool is a good indication of colon disease, internal hemorrhoids, or parasites. Eating
beets will add color to stools and urine and be used as an indication of transit time.
Dark stools are usually from a diet of dark greens, iron supplements, or meat.
Black stools may indicate bleeding in the stomach or smaller intestine caused from an injury, bleeding
ulcer, tumor, or worms.
Slimy stools contain excess mucus caused by bacteria, Candida, tumor, or other problems in the colon.
During the first phase of home colonic irrigation, the old stagnant waste coming out may appear in two
types. The putrefactive waste has a very bad odor. The post-putrefactive waste cannot putrefy any
further. The color ranges from black, dark brown, gray, or green with a little odor.
Healthy stool is long, round, and smooth with a texture similar to creamy peanut butter and golden
brown in color. It should be slightly acidic so it floats on the surface of water breaking up soon
Colon pH becomes slightly acidic, it promotes the growth of friendly bacteria. The balance is thrown off
when it gets too alkaline, creating an environment that only the bad can survive. Normal stools and
bowel function return soon after.
Colonic Irrigation Colon Cleansing Techniques
There are different agents used in the water for the various colon cleansing techniques. The most
common additives taken or added to the water is bentonite (a ground up volcanic ash usually taken
internally), cascara sagrada, garlic, hydrogen peroxide, calcium, chlorophyll, coffee, friendly bacteria,
herb’s, psyllium hulls, vitamins and minerals.
Balanced and proper diet along with herbal cleansers will cleanse the colon over a long period of time
but those with serious conditions need to take quick action.
Colon cleansing is safe and effective for everyone of all ages, children and the elderly alike. Additives to
the water should be half that of adults for children. Pregnant women should abstain from cleansing the
last three months of pregnancy and should consult their doctor.
Book Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management, by Bernard Jensen D.C., Ph.D., Nutritionist,
describes different methods used for colon cleansing very thoroughly.
One method requires a seven day diet of liquids to shrink the colon and become weaker during this
process. Those already in a weakened state should avoid fasting to prevent any further conditions.
Authors of some books are against oxygen therapies. They are not familiar with it because they have
never tried it. As time passes, their thoughts may change for the better.
Book called Healing Within, it states; There is no comparison in the way one feels after a cleansing with
the new procedure with oxygen. Some authorities state that, liter per liter; more oxygen is absorbed
through colon cleansing than through the lungs. This not only helps to heal the affected tissues in the
colon, but also allows the oxygen to pass quickly into the bloodstream and bathe the bodies cells.
Colon cleansing therapy with oxygen has an anti-helmintic action; that is, parasites are removed. The
concentration of ozone in the water will determine the effectiveness of the cleanse.
If the temperature of the cleanse water is too hot, the disintegration time is shortened. Water temperature
should be 100-105 degrees. Hotter water helps break loose the old crusty matter faster, but the toxins
will absorb through the walls of the colon quicker. Your skin pores will open with warm water and close
with cold water. This can apply to the colon as well.
Bacterial kill rate is higher in ozonate water at 100 degrees than it is at 70 degrees F, but not over 115
degrees. Water should be warm to the touch after ozonation. The ozone is bubbled into the water for 15
to 20 minutes with a generator that produces from 7 to 8 grams per hour. Smaller generators may take
from 1/2 to 1 hour to ozonate the water.
If hydrogen peroxide is used add 1/2 to 3/4 ounces of 35 percent or add 6 or 8 ounces of 3 percent food
grade to the water after ozonation. Use hydrogen peroxide with Caution! Read and Follow All
Instructions On The Label Before Using Hydrogen Peroxide. The 35 percent hydrogen peroxide should
be stored in the freezer away from children.
Ozonate water and hydrogen peroxide used during a colonic will absorb into the old encrusted waste
products that are lining the intestinal walls. The oxidizing and bubbling action will breakup the old fecal
waste quicker than the other methods. The O3 oxidizes the bad bacteria, viruses, toxins, and parasites on
contact before re-absorbing into the walls of the colon. Most of the bad odors are also controlled as the
toxins and debris is eliminated out of the rectum.
Action of the activated oxygen will act as an alkalizing or neutralizing agent to these foreign invaders
that have taken up residence in the colon. Oxygenation of the blood will restore its pH so the bodies
electrolytes can function properly. When the bodies chemistry is balanced, proper tissue and organ
function will be restored.
Activated oxygen absorbs through the intestinal walls into the bloodstream if the colon walls are free of
debris. Tingling sensation is felt throughout as the ozone is circulated in the blood and purifying it at the
same time. The increased amount of oxygen in the blood is highly energizing and restores bad
Extra amounts of hydrogen peroxide are used (2 or 3 ounces per five gallons of water) has a tendency to
turn gall and kidney stones into a fine gravel or sand. When your urine is foamy, is a good indication
there is enough hydrogen peroxide. Start out with less amounts to see how the colon responds. Do only
as tolerated. Once should be sufficient.
Ozone oxidizes the plaque in arteries and restores flexibility to red blood cells, which eliminates
clumping in tiny capillaries. This method of irrigation is used in colitis and all chronic intestinal
Article titled Medical Ozone, John C. Pittman, M.D. states, I do believe that ozone is an important tool
in medicine and should have a place in the treatment of disease, because most of the diseases afflicting
humans today can be traced to diminishing levels of oxygen and a compromised immune system. Any
therapy that can increase oxygen at the cellular level deserves to be incorporated into a complete
treatment program. Ozone also possesses particular properties that make it a potent anti-viral substance.
This is significant since many of today’s most devastating diseases appear to be viral in origin. These
diseases need active powerful intervention in order to be reversed. Ozone is a potent immune system
stimulant that can also help to restore the bodies own defenses, thereby making it possible to resist some
of these intrepid viruses. Of course, building back the immune system depends on a complete program,
including thorough detox with self cleansing. So, when given in conjunction with a program through self
cleansing, lymphatic massage, supplementation, and other adjunctive therapies that stimulate the
oxidative process, Ozone can do miraculous things. And, it is up to all of us, patients and doctors alike,
to demand access to this incredible healing substance.
Some have expressed a few contradictions to this type of colon cleansing therapy and that if any of the
following problems pertains to you, that you should proceed with caution: Cardiovascular Disease,
Cardiomegaly, Crohn’s Disease, Cysts, Diverticulitis, Hemorrhoids, High Blood Pressure, Mega colon,
Pregnancy, Renal Insufficiency, Tumors, and Ulcerative Colitis. Those with anorexia or bulimic should
only use natural cleansers. The walls of colon may be weak from depriving you of the nutrients it needs
for rebuilding.
Ozone and oxygen therapy has helped with many of these contradictions. There is nothing wrong in
taking precautions when it concerns your well-being. If you have already been diagnosed with any of
these problems, it would be foolish not to proceed with some type of cleansing program because the
benefits far exceed the risks.
Safer way of starting out that is recommend first is taking a natural internal oxygen colon cleanser like
OXY-MEGA at the start. Cleaning the whole digestive tract will start the restoration cycle and enhance
the colon irrigation. Problems can exist in the stomach and smaller intestine as well. Just cleaning the
colon does not take care of problems in the rest of the digestive tract.
Miracles have and will always continue to happen. Ozone and high colonic irrigation may help you after
the first few times or it may not if extremely filled with toxins. Try to imagine traces from every
bacterial or viral infection, every drug or chemical, agents from processed foods still lying dormant in
your fat and muscle tissue. Imagine pounds of this stagnant waste lying dormant in the colon.
During this type of detox, the toxins are forced out, you may experience diarrhea, fatigue, fever, nausea,
or night sweats for a few days. For some, this healing crisis may continue a few weeks if you do not
follow-up with another cleansing. Your temperature will run slightly higher than normal once your
immune system begins working. This is normal during the process. The more toxic you are, the stronger
the healing crisis will be.
Process of eliminating toxins and old waste products is a sign that detox is working. The healing crisis is
a normal reaction from the cleansing or purifying process that you must go through in removing the old
stored waste. The old has to be removed first for regeneration and healing to occur. You may be thinking
that the healing crisis is a bad side effect, but in reality, it turns into a good effect. Look forward to its
happening with a firm commitment to achieve optimum wellness.
Cost of colon hydrotherapy by a trained therapist would be a minimum of 50 too as much as 175 dollars
per treatment. Some may feel this is too expensive but can go out on the town or to dinner and blow this
much in a few hours. Your number one priority in life should be one of good health so you can continue
and enjoy going out on the town. When our bodies give signals (symptoms), it is for a good reason. It
tells us when there is something wrong or out-of-balance and that corrections need to be made.
Usually, the first impression of colon cleansing is its embarrassing. If you continue to think like this, you
are only cheating yourself from a more favorable life and your symptoms will only continue to worsen.
For those that are too embarrassed or stubborn is to purchase your own equipment and do-it-yourself.
Colonic board and ozone generator is not that expensive when you consider what the medical profession
charges these days or the cost of health insurance. In fact, keeping the colon clean is the best life
insurance policy you could possibly have. Professional and home colonic equipment are available in the
products section.
Once you see the results, you will continue to detoxify the rest of your life. Some may tell you this
process is habit forming and those considering colonic irrigation have asked this question many times.
This type of self detox is not habit forming but feeling good and looking good can most definitely
become a good habit. As long as you are eating good and taking the right nutritional supplement for
your condition during detox, the healing process will continue to escalate. In the section Vitamins and
Minerals for Optimum Health, it explains why the diet is so important.

High Colonic Irrigation Colon Cleansing





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