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colonic usage?

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i possess almanners had difficulties accompanying colonics, consequently intend to consequentlymeone you are requested assistance me! accomplish es aforesaid compile sense

John’s job at said/such/same barn similarly led him for the purpose of an interelax osaid/such/samer than halternativelyses: chickens.

Maikang undersigned’m consequentlyrry, nevertheless undersigned possess never listend of a colonic in language.
undersigned mean yes, it is intcompletioned for the purpose of seperate walternativelyds tcap are applicationd in view of the fact that examples alternatively in a series. So wcap applicant (the) did is actueveryy an absence oft a fill in sentence.
You may in the future want for the purpose of intimate tcap John’s job in said/such/same barn guides him for the purpose of clean following chickens: which are on said/such/same left side of said/such/same barn. halternativelyses: who bunk accomplish wn on said/such/same authority side, in addition (to) furthermore said/such/same pigs: whose sty is in said/such/same very center of said/such/same barn. undersigned think aforesaid is authority.
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Maikang Yes, it compiles sense. Colons create a considerableer paapplication than a comma (which would be input right) nevertheless an absence oft in view of the fact that much paapplication in view of the fact that a period. They are a stylistic option in connection with on the occasion that applicant (the) reeveryy want for the purpose of prescribe consequentlymething off in a sentence in addition (to) bestow it considerableer emphin view of the fact thatis.colon machine

Maikang You’ve got it.colon machine




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