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colonic machine


 What is Our colonic machine advantage?

colonic machine colonic machine colonic machinecolonic machine

Safe: 1) Unique insulation unit + electrical leakage protection= double insurance for your safety

2) Flat-panel alloy heater, 100% electricity and water separation

3) Over-heat, over-pressure and over-temperature protection

Fast: 1) Fast preheat, ready in 10 seconds

2) Single button operation, easy and convenient

3) Clear Display with big screen; Optional remote control for easy operation

Reliable: 1) Innovative non-scale technique, ensure stable running for a long time

2) Stringent quality control, 48 hours reliability test under high temperature and high moisture

3) Professional R&D and production with continuous upgrade

colonic machine

What colonic machine use for?

[treatment] – as the city people eat food is too fine, coarse fiber, coupled with white-collar women work pressure, lack of exercise, so the increase in constipation patients. The intestinal wall dry stool to reduce intestinal mucus secretion, affect the normal peristalsis, which is constipation, hemorrhoids, halitosis, intestinal diseases and obesity and other reasons, thus increasing constipation. In addition, due to excessive intestinal absorption of toxins, other organs will be affected. Some of the reasons for the poor tone of the girl, the respiratory tract is discharged in the body of harmful gases. Spa can reduce the harmful gas in the intestines of hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and methane generation and discharge.

[anti-cancer] – cancer food residue in the large intestine by fermentation and putrefaction will produce some carcinogenic substances, because carnivorous long stay in the digestive tract, so Escherichia with carcinogen exposure time is prolonged. In order to prevent the occurrence of colorectal cancer, it is necessary to clean the large intestine.

[Beauty]The skin and the skin and the skin capillaries and a large number of glands will be the blood metabolites and some harmful substances discharged. In the course of the discharge of the skin damage, resulting in acne, pigmentation and other skin problems. Intestinal Spa allows harmful substances to increase the chance of draining from the intestinal tract through the skin to reduce the chance of harmful substances, which is certainly beneficial to skin health.

[health-Care] – some harmful substances in the blood through the liver detoxification, consumption of liver detoxification enzyme system in the brain, people will feel tired, but also affects the immune system and human The new supersedes the old. Spa can remove harmful substances, the body has the role of health care\

why colonic machine

Who Can Benefit from Colonic Machine?

Liver and kidney diseaseChronic gastroenteritisImmunological deficiencyAbnormal blood pressureHigh concentration of uric acidFear of cancerDiabeticsGynecological diseaseChase of health fashionApositia, fatigueLong time of insomniaNervous and irritableLonging for health, longevity and beauty\

colonic machine colonic machine

colonic machine


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