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colonic irrigation hydrotherapy machine why it who need it?


colonic irrigation hydrotherapy machine colonic irrigation hydrotherapy machine colonic irrigation hydrotherapy machine

what is Colonic irrigation hydrotherapy machine?

Colonic irrigation hydrotherapy machine, also known as colon cleansing or colonic irrigation, is often practiced as a form of alternative medicine. The claimed purpose of the procedure is to remove toxin, lose weight, prevent diseases, relieve constipation, promote general health and well-being. It is known that such procedure commonly involved the use of “Colonic Irrigation Systems” , which are medical devices originally intended for bowel preparation before radiological or endoscopic procedures. The client generally lies down on the hydrotherapy bed and the filtered constant temperature water is pumped through the rectum via a tube. Fluids and waste are expelled through another tube. A large volume of fluid, up to 60 litres would be introduced into the colon via the rectum. The procedure may be repeated several times.

what is Colonic irrigation hydrotherapy machine?-Colon hydrotherapy is also called intestinal lavage, which use filter water to thoroughly clean colon and eliminate toxins in the body. It has the function of improve constipation, correct diarrhea, adjust intestinal flora imbalance, and prevent bowel cancer. And it also has the effects of beauty, skin care, weight loss, and regulation of endocrine disorders.

colonic irrigation hydrotherapy machine why it who need it?

Clysmatic Colonic Hydrotherapy Machine Here Quick Way to Get the Info

Colon hydrotherapy is popular used in American and European hospital, clinic and beauty club. It is becoming a popular beauty and detoxification method and is treated the hottest Physical and natural therapy for colon and body healthy.

colonic irrigation hydrotherapy machine colonic irrigation hydrotherapy machine

Colonic irrigation hydrotherapy machine 4 Parts

Name: Control Panel


Original: China

Domestic famous brand, sensitive and hi-fi screen makes every operation easily and high-efficiently. You can switch two screen for watching TV leisurely or checking the treatment efforts.
Main Features

Name: Water Level Control
Brand: maikon
Original: China
Constant temperature control at 37℃,which is the most suitable sendible temperature. Kept the operator informed of the water condition.
Machine Parts

Name: Soft Cushion
Brand: maikon
Original: China
Streamline design for human body outline, make the hydrotherapy the homelike experience. Easy to clean and durable .
Main parts

Name: Pressure Meter
Brand: maikon
Original: China
Obeserving the water pressure to adjust the speed and frenquency of transfusion. Ensure the most comfortable treatment.

colonic irrigation hydrotherapy machine colonic irrigation hydrotherapy machine


The Specifications of Colonic irrigation hydrotherapy machine
Item name
50Hz±1 Hz
Running Environment
Environment Temperature
10℃~ 40℃
Relative Humidity
Barometric Pressure
Continuous Running Time
8 hours
Total Power
Liquid Flow
Water Temperature Range
Time Range
0-any data(S)
Filtered Water Accuracy
Machine Noise
Disposable Catheter


Colonic irrigation hydrotherapy machine fumigated with stable constructure.


After get all payment and goods are ready, we will contact shipping agent to arrange sea shipment to deliver goods to nearest port of customer’s country.and we will mail the B/L to customer.

colonic irrigation hydrotherapy machine colonic irrigation hydrotherapy machine

How Maikon Colon Hydrotherapy machine working Video Teaching


Highest Safety Standards CE Approved Colon Hydrotherapy Removing Toxin Colon Hydrotherapy Device,The procedure of insertion catheter of colon hydrotherapy machine

why Colonic irrigation hydrotherapy machine?

— Improve Intestine Function, Get Rid of Constipation
Immediate and complete cleansing of harmful impacted feces and intestinal toxins has been proved to be a cure for constipation, hemorrhoids and flatulence. It can effectively prevent digestive system diseases such as colon inflammation and rectum cancer.
— Reduce Liver and Kidney Burden.
Excreting impacted feces and toxins can significantly reduce blood toxin level, lower liver and kidney burden. This improves liver and kidney detoxification functions and prevent liver and kidney diseases.

— Effectively Purify Blood

It can lower blood pressure, blood fat, blood acid and blood viscosity and improve micro-circulations. It is also an effective treatment for lassitude, insomnia, dizziness, headache, memory loss, body malodor, oral malodor and can prevent heart disease.

— Build Up Immunity

It greatly improves functions of all body organs, build up healthy body system. It enhances immunity, prevent bacteria and virus invasion, prevent diseases and cancers.

— Rejuvenate Skin and Lose Weight

By excretion of impacted feces and toxins, all body organs are fully recovered. It helps reduce belly fat and rebuild body shape to keep fit. It also improves the skin brightness and elasticity, removes acnes and speckles.

— Prevent Gynecological Diseases
The instrument comes with an unique ozone generator which can sterilize and reduce inflammations in women’s private part. It is a effective and convenient treatment for gynecological diseases.

colonic irrigation hydrotherapy machine colonic irrigation hydrotherapy machine

Who need  Colonic irrigation hydrotherapy machine?

Liver and kidney disease
Chronic gastroenteritis
Immunological deficiency
Abnormal blood pressure
High concentration of uric acid
Fear of cancer
Gynecological disease
Chase of health fashion
Apositia, fatigue
Long time of insomnia
Nervous and irritable
Longing for health, longevity and beauty


colonic irrigation hydrotherapy machine colonic irrigation hydrotherapy machine colonic irrigation hydrotherapy machine





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