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Colon wash machine


colon wash machine

How colon wash machine work?

The working principle of colon wash machineThe medical colonic treatment instrument firstly filtered the tap water and mineralized into the small molecule active water through the mineralization filter, and at the same time added many kinds of microelements needed by human bodyAfter through constant temperature heating device, mineralized water heating is about 37 ℃ (close to the body temperature of constant temperature, finally, attached with a type of spa will easily into the intestinal water headAfter the substance is diluted and dissolved, the medical colonic treatment instrument can simultaneously stimulate intestinal peristalsis through the water, so as to rapidly discharge the waste (toxins) out of the body, and ultimately achieve the internal body ecological balance, characterized by its ecological and natural characteristics, is a green balance therapy integrating treatment, rehabilitation, health care and health maintenance.Product advantageBowel rehydration: medical colonic therapy USES mineral warm water to increase the lubricity of the bowel and stimulate intestinal peristalsis to produce a defecation reflex and use it regularly to relieve defecation problem, insist for a long time can assure the normal function of large intestine adequately.Detoxify and beautify your face: medical colonic treatment instrument is used to clean the intestinal tract. The fermented products and other harmful substances in the feces can be quickly excreted to make the intestinal tract healthier and the skin healthierSymptoms such as dryness, discoloration, darkness, and acne will naturally disappear.Slimming and slimming: medical colonic therapy can help to lose weight by adjusting the internal environment of the digestive system to balance metabolic disorders. On the other hand, large intestine cleaning can be completedAvoid the forced absorption of the small intestine, which has a significant effect on weight loss in the waist and abdomen.Purification of blood: the cleaning of intestinal endotoxin effectively improves the cleanliness of peripheral blood. Relying on the blood circulation system, the toxin in blood is gradually cleared away and the blood is reducedPressure, blood lipids, blood acid, blood sugar have positive effect.Strengthen immunity: clear up toxins in the body, effectively reduce the burden of liver detoxification, rely on the body self-balance system to delay the aging of the body, repair the imbalance of the body, and enhance the human body self – defense and self – healing initiative.Product features1. Automatic control device, which can be operated by the user without the presence of others, is highly secretive.2. Full touch operation and double screen display.3. The disposable rectal catheter ensures one-time use and immediate destruction, avoiding the risk of cross infection.4. The scientifically researched functional spa bed with the bottom of the excretory basin can relieve and relieve freely, which is convenient, comfortable, painless, leakage free and odorless.5. Low voltage operation, double-layer hydraulic pressure regulation and temperature warning controlled by computer, which is more safe for human body.6. Add separate dosing device to meet the requirement of retention enema treatment after intestinal cleaning.Work Principle of colon wash machine?When the weakly alkaline water that has been purified enters the intestinal tract, the weak alkaline reacts with the acidic substance to balance the acid and alkali of the human body, changes the living environment of the harmful bacteria, excreting toxins, and softening under water immersion. And with the water out of the body.

colon wash machine colon wash machine



How to Do a colon wash machine?First and foremost, bear in mind that the single best way to detox and cleanse the colon is by removing harmful substances in your diet and eating nutrient-dense, real foods. Packaged foods, fast foods, processed snacks and artificial ingredients (high fructose syrups, hydrogenated oils, dangerous food dyes, fake seasonings, MSG or preservatives) all make it harder for the digestive system to work properly and raise inflammation in the colon. The kinds of foods you want to eat for optimal colon health include:fermented foods that contain probiotics (yogurt, cultured veggies like kimchi or sauerkraut, kefir, kombucha)high-fiber foods like seeds, leafy greens and other fresh veggiesfresh fruit (especially berries, or apples and pears, which contain pectin fiber)bone brothhealthy fats like coconut or extra virgin olive oil, plus avocados (very high in electrolytes and fiber)veggie-based soups, smoothies and salads are high in fiber and water, plus easy to digestIf having a colonic done:Colonics should always be done under the supervision of a qualified professional who’s licensed and trained. It’s important to follow directions and instructions carefully and to ensure all equiptment is completely sanitary. Colonics aren’t usually recommended for pregnant women or children or people with kidney problems or bad hemorrhoids.What can you expect when getting a colonic? This type of colon wash machine shouldn’t cause pain or feel overly uncomfortable because the practitioner will likely use a lubricant to help insert the device into the rectum. Likely, you’ll feel some pressure during the process and need several hours to feel back to normal once it’s done.If using an enema:To perform an enema (whether it’s a coffee enema, one with apple cider vinegar or another formula) you need to first purchase a kit, which comes with an insert of some kind and a bag or bucket to hold the liquid. The part that you insert into your rectum is attached to a clamp that controls the release of whichever kind of liquid you use from the bag or bucket. If you’re willing to spend more money, you’ll get a better quality product that has a clasp, which is more capable of stopping and controlling the release of the liquid.If you plan to perform enemas somewhat regularly, you can purchase a reusable kit instead of a one-time bottle. Some find that buying an enema kit that includes a bucket is a bit easier to use, since a bag requires that you hang it from somewhere elevated, such as a towel rack in your bathroom. Many people find that buckets are also easier to clean than bags, although kits with buckets can cost a bit more (anywhere from $10–$60 depending on the kind).Stainless steel buckets are preferred by many over plastic buckets or bags since they’re sanitary and can be reused, but a bag is a good, inexpensive option if you plan to throw it away after performing the enema or if you’re traveling.Once you have your materials sanitized, gathered and you’re prepared, follow this step-by-step guide to perform a homemade enema at home safely:Prepare your liquid, whether it’s coffee, a premade solution or filtered water.

eich colonic machine

closed-system colon hydrotherapy device

Filtered water is highly recommended by most experts and might offer fewer risks than tap water (which contain traces of minerals or chemicals). If you’re using a warm liquid like coffee, let the mixture cool down to a little warmer than room temperature.Choose a location that’s comfortable where you can lie down for about 15 minutes. The bathroom is a popular choice since it’s easiest to be close to a toilet. Keep extra towels and cleaning products on hand to clean up if need be.Take your enema kit and place the bucket or bag at least one meter above you and the ground so it has the force of gravity to push out the liquid. Pour your liquid into the enema bag or bucket, and hold the tube and nozzle shut.Locate the lever on the tube and nozzle that helps you stop and start the flow of the enema. Use a lubricant such as coconut oil to coat the tip of the enema nozzle, and then lay down on your right side in fetal position and insert the nozzle into your rectum. Try to insert it about one inch inside.Use the valve that helps you start the flow of the liquid, slowly releasing the liquid into your rectum through the nozzle. Sit however you are most comfortable for about 15–30 minutes, holding it in until you’re ready to use the bathroom.

colon wash machine

How to use the eich colonic machine video?

Working Principles of colon wash machine:

Colon Hydrotherapy or (Colonic Irrigation as it’s commonly known) is way of cleansing the Colon (bowels) by using Cool + Warm Water.1/ Piles2/ Irritable Bowel Syndrome3/ Anal Fissures4/ Constipation etc.5/ Bowel Cancer


colon wash machine magical effect

Improve constipation, acne, abdominal distention, diarrheaImprove headache, insomnia, halitosis and body odorImprove uric acid too highImproving physical abdominal obesityImprovement of triglyceride in blood and poor peripheral blood circulation.Improve dark spots and rough skinStrengthening liver and kidney functionAvoid improper medication and avoid blind health care.


colon wash machine 5 benefits

1. By mineralizing warm water to increase the lubricity of the intestine, and stimulate intestinal peristalsis, produce defecation reflex, regular use of natural relief of defecation problems, long-term adherence to the normal function of the large intestine can be fully guaranteed.2. Cleaning the intestine can quickly remove fermentation products and other harmful substances from the stool, so that the intestine is healthier, the skin is drier, the color spots, dim, acne and other symptoms will naturally disappear.3. By adjusting the internal environment of the digestive system, metabolic disorders into balance, thereby helping weight loss; on the other hand, large intestine cleaning can avoid forced absorption of the small intestine, on the waist and abdomen weight loss has a positive effect.4. Cleaning the intestinal endotoxin effectively improves the cleanliness of peripheral blood, relies on the blood circulation system, gradually clears the toxin in the blood, and has obvious effect on reducing blood pressure, blood lipid, blood acid and blood sugar.5. Eliminate toxins in the body, effectively reduce the burden of liver detoxification, relies on the body’s self-balancing system to alleviate the body’s aging, restore imbalance of the body, and enhance the body’s self-defense and self-repair initiative.

colon wash machine

Who Can Benefit from colon wash machine?

Liver and kidney diseaseChronic gastroenteritisImmunological deficiencyAbnormal blood pressureHigh concentration of uric acidFear of cancerDiabeticsGynecological diseaseChase of health fashionApositia, fatigueLong time of insomniaNervous and irritableLonging for health, longevity and beauty

colon wash machine colon wash machine colon wash machine colon wash machine colon wash machine colon wash machine colon wash machine colon wash machine



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