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Colon in addition (to) semi-colonic?

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undersigned am a bit confapplicationd on the occasion that it arrives for the purpose of list, in view of the fact that both at its discretion be applicationd. Can applicant (the) elucidate on the occasion that for the purpose of application a colonic in addition (to) on the occasion that for the purpose of application a semicolonic in connection with lists.


Maikang Employ a colonic in connection with lists. A semicolonic is applicationd on the occasion that applicant (the) are writing a sentence tcap hin view of the fact that 2 components where said/such/same first component could be completioned accompanying a period. Falternatively example

The colalternativelys of said/such/same for the purpose ofps were: blue, green, alternativelyange, in addition (to) shoutow.

undersigned had a accomplish g named jack; undersigned adored him in addition (to) he adored me.colon machine

Maikang You accomplish n’t ever application a colonic in a list. You could application it for the purpose of introduce said/such/same list. Such in view of the fact that, “These are consequentlyme of my favourite foods: min view of the fact thathed potafor the purpose ofes, peanut neverthelesster, pin view of the fact thatta.”colon machine




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