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colon hydrotherapy machine for home use


What is a colon hydrotherapy machine for home use?

colon hydrotherapy machine for home use

colon hydrotherapy machine for home use

The colon hydrotherapy machine uses the world’s first patented, non-invasive hydrotherapy method. Users are easy to use and operate with maximum privacy. All you need to do is attach a specially designed curved nozzle to the anus and the purified water at body temperature will flow into the large intestine. It forms a lubricating layer between the intestines and the feces and breaks down the affected feces. Remove the nozzle and the dissolved feces will flow out automatically as natural defecation. Regular use of colon hydrotherapy helps in daily bowel movements, cleansing the intestines, removing toxins, rejuvenating the skin and improving overall health. It is effective in treating diseases such as constipation and hemorrhoids. It removes feces and toxins, reduces liver and kidney burden and the risk of heart disease. It is an innovative healthcare device for your entire family.

Suffering from constipation? One Minute Fix – A colon hydrotherapy machine can help you get rid of complex and chronic constipation altogether. Reclaim the joy of defecation.

Want to stay young and beautiful? Start with detoxification – it is impossible to be healthy with toxins left in the body. Now you can use the Ultrastream® Colon Hydrotherapy Machine. It eliminates all these internal toxins and enhances the functionality of the whole body system. From the inside out, it makes you look younger and more beautiful.

Want to stay healthy and live longer? –starting with intestinal purification

A colon hydrotherapy machine purifies your internal organs and keeps them young. Living more than a hundred years is not a dream.

Top-notch technology, outstanding performance and superior quality


1) Unique insulation unit + leakage protection = double safety

2) Plate alloy heater, 100% separation of electricity and water

3) Overheat, overpressure and overheat protection


1) Quick warm-up, can be completed in 10 seconds

2)One button operation, easy and convenient

(3) Large screen clear display; optional remote control, easy to operate


(1) Innovative proportionless technology to ensure long and stable operation

2)Strict quality control, high temperature and high humidity 48 hours reliability test

3)Professional R&D and production, continuous upgrading

colon hydrotherapy machine for home use

colon hydrotherapy machine for home use

colon hydrotherapy machine for home use

How the colon hydrotherapy machine for home use works

Using a mineralization and filtration unit, tap water is mineralized and filtered into micro-molecular active water, which adds trace elements to the water the body needs. After filtration, the mineral water is heated to 37°C with a heating device. Water will then be injected into the human colon using a connected hydrotherapy nozzle. The water attenuates and dissolves the waste in the colon. At the same time, water stimulates peristalsis in the intestines and the waste mixture is excreted. Finally, this establishes ecological balance in the body. Natural and ecological traits are a new type of treatment that includes therapy, rehabilitation and physical health.


Why a colon hydrotherapy machine for home use?

[Treatment] – Constipation has increased due to the overly delicate and fibrous food eaten by urbanites, as well as the stressful work and lack of exercise of white-collar women. A dry bowel wall reduces the secretion of intestinal mucus and affects normal peristalsis, which is the cause of constipation, hemorrhoids, bad breath, bowel disease and obesity, which increases constipation. In addition, other organs can be affected due to excessive absorption of toxins in the intestines. Some of the reasons for a girl’s poor breath is that the respiratory tract expels harmful gases from the body. Hot springs reduce the production and emission of hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and methane, harmful gases in the intestines.

[anti-cancer] – The fermentation and decay of carcinogenic food residues in the large intestine produces some carcinogens, and the exposure of E. coli to carcinogens is prolonged by the prolonged stay of carnivorous bacteria in the digestive tract. In order to prevent colorectal cancer, it is necessary to cleanse the large intestine.

The [cosmetic] skin and the skin and the skin capillaries and a large number of glands excrete metabolites and some harmful substances from the blood. In the process of expelling the skin, it causes acne, hyperpigmentation and other skin problems. Intestinal hydrotherapy allows for increased excretion of harmful substances from the intestines through the skin, thus reducing the chances of harmful substances, which is undoubtedly beneficial for skin health.

[Health] – Certain harmful substances in the blood are detoxified through the liver, depleting the liver’s detoxifying enzyme system in the brain and making people feel tired, but also affecting the body’s immune system. Hot springs can remove harmful substances and have health effects on the body
Technical indicators

-Home use and privacy protection
-Easy, quick results.
-No disturbance, no harm.
-Temperature, pressure, volume control

colon hydrotherapy machine for home use

colon hydrotherapy machine for home use

colon hydrotherapy machine for home use

colon hydrotherapy machine for home use

Who can benefit from a colon hydrotherapy machine for home use?

Liver and kidney disease
chronic gastroenteritis
abnormal blood pressure
High concentration of uric acid
Fear of cancer.
Gynecological diseases
Chasing a Healthy Fashion
Fatigue, fatigue.
prolonged insomnia
Tension and irritability.
A desire for health, longevity and beauty.

colon hydrotherapy machine for home use

How to install and use maikong colon hydrotherapy machine system

How to use the colon hydrotherapy machine for home use?

Video tell you How to install and use maikong colon hydrotherapy machine system


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