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COLON HYDROTHERAPY -Basic knowledge of our Intestinal Toxins


COLON HYDROTHERAPY -Basic knowledge of our Intestinal Toxins

We are what we eat. Man loves food and nowadays we have enormous varieties of foods   ranging from Malay, Chinese, Indian, European, Middle Eastern cooking fast foods and
processed foods. We are more interested in the taste, smell and appearance of the foods
rather than the contents of the food. We also want food to last longer without
refrigeration. All these are only possible with the addition of preservatives, coloring,
conditioners-which are all chemicals. After consuming the foods, these chemicals are
either absorbed into the blood or stay in the large intestines as “toxins”.
A clogged, poorly functioning and sluggish colon often become a breeding ground for
bacteria, disease and sickness. Through years of stress, lack of exercise, overeating, diets
centered on refined foods, processed foods high in saturated fats, white sugar, white flour,
preservatives, additives, low fibre have left our colons clogged up, and often unable to
self-cleanse. All these poorly digested food pass through the intestinal tract sluggishly
causing fermentation and putrefaction, which in turn produce toxins. These toxins are
reabsorbed into the blood stream through the intestinal walls and poison our entire system.
Also nowadays a great majority of people have ‘indigestion, wind, bloatedness feeling’-
indicating poor digestion and toxins in the intestines. This is due to the fact that people
have different blood types but they all eat the same food. (Read “Eat Right For Your
Type” information). This creates indigestion and undigested food especially proteins
which forms “rotten” food thus creating toxins and gas (e.g. cadaverine, putrescine etc).
This Intestinal toxins inflammations is one of the main cause of depressed immune
system, tiredness/fatigue, eczema/ unhealthy skin, bad breathe, ill health and cancers/
allergies/ chronic diseases etc.

Toxins can stay in the intestine for years. Taking lots of fruits and vegetables can clear
the bowel but removing the toxins in between the villi is more difficult. The only sure
method of removing intestinal toxins and healing Intestinal inflammation is to do Colon
THE INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF COLON HYDROTHERAPY (I￾ACT) of USA describes colon hydrotherapy as a safe and effective method of removing
waste from the large intestine without the use of drugs.

Each sack in your colon, found on the colon chart, is related to another part of your
body. That is why colon cleansing helps different people in so many different ways.
-Norman W. Walker, D.Sc.-

COLON HYDROTHERAPY -Basic knowledge of our Intestinal Toxins



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