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COLON CLEANSE Richard Anderson method Manaul PDF




COLON CLEANSE Richard Anderson method
The Key to Excellent Health
Cleansing the Colon
Nothing has changed since Dr. John Harvey Kellogg said a century ago that “90% of
diseases are due to improper functioning of the colon.
There is much talk today about the importance of colon cleansing, but how does
having healthy intestines actually improve your health?
It has always been an axiom of naturopathic medicine and most forms of natural
healing that the digestive system is the foundation for good or bad health. As
naturopaths, we routinely assume that most people are constipated, no matter how
many times a day they go.
In fact, nothing has changed since the great natural healer Dr. John Harvey Kellogg,
founder of the Battle Creek Sanitarium in Michigan, declared nearly a century ago
that “90% of the diseases of civilization are due to improper functioning of the colon.”
In 1987, I developed a four-phase, four-week colon cleansing protocol using herbs,
electrolytes, probiotics, and nutrients. Since then, an estimated 70,000 people have
done the self-care colon cleanse.
The benefits of cleansing are numerous. One user stated: “The main improvements I
have noticed are energy levels, vision, hair, skin, mental attitude, ability to cope with
stress situations generally I’m a much happier and healthier person.”
Other benefits typically cited by users are cessation of menstrual pain, migraines,
and joint pain, fewer colds, resolution of lifelong sinus congestion, skin problems,
and breast cysts, weight loss, and improved concentration, among many others.
Consider the following cases from our patient files:
Lisa, 55, had suffered from a skin rash for 35 years. She had consulted numerous
physicians but nothing had reversed this problem. When the intestines are clogged
and toxic, and the liver, too, is overburdened, toxins start backing up into the skin for
elimination from the body.
By the time Lisa completed the colon cleanse, 95% of her skin symptoms had
disappeared. We find Lisa’s experience replicated often; cleansing the colon
frequently yields softer, more beautiful skin, with long-standing blemishes removed
permanently in many cases.
Traces of an earlier illness often remain in the intestines as potential seeds for a
recurrence. During a cleanse, it is not unusual to reexperience the symptoms of the
former illness as these traces are purged from the body.
Lil, 42, who suffered from chronic bronchitis, could not exercise or even walk up
stairs without wheezing. During the cleanse, she had a ten-day fit of coughing and
wheezing, then it abruptly stopped and never returned. By emptying her intestines of
old, putrefied matter, Lil had purged her body of the seeds of her recurrent
Margot, 47, had been beset by intense hip pain for seven years, such that she
needed a cane to walk. X rays showed that the cartilage was worn off the head of
the femur (thigh bone connecting to the hip bone) and the nerves in that area were
pinched. Margot had tried numerous alternative therapies but was still relatively
Margot reported that on the second day of the cleanse, 50% of her pain disappeared
and she no longer needed her cane; on the third day, she was able to perform gentle
stretching exercises; and over the next several months, Margot’s pain continued to
diminish leading her to declare: “For the first time in seven years, I’m seeing the
reversal of the downward spiral.”
What happens in a colon cleanse to produce these benefits?
Merely consider three facts about the intestines. First, if stretched out to their full
length, the large and small intestines together would measure 25 feet long. Second,
the total surface area in the intestines (made larger by myriad folds) capable of
absorbing nutrients is the size of a tennis court.
Third, the intestines can store a vast amount of partially digested, putrefying matter
(as well as drugs and other toxic chemicals)—for decades even. Some intestines,
when autopsied, have weighed up to 40 pounds and were distended to a diameter of
12 inches with only a pencil-thin channel through which the feces could move.
That 40 pounds was due to caked layers of encrusted mucus mixed with fecal
matter, bizarrely resembling hardened blackish-green truck tire rubber or an old
piece of dried rawhide. I call this mucoid plaque. This mucoid plaque, when it is
removed during an intensive colon cleanse, often shows rope-like twists, striations,
overlaps, folds, creases—the shape and texture of the intestinal wall.
Mucoid plaque may vary considerably, depending on the chemical conditions in a
person’s intestines. It may be hard and brittle; it may be firm and thick; tough, wet,
and rubbery; soft, thick, and mucoid; or soft, transparent, and thin; it can range in
color from light brown, black, or greenish-black to yellow or grey, and sometimes
emits an intensely foul odor.
One client I know, in the course of a month-long colon cleanse, passed a single
length of mucoid plaque 15 feet long; another client excreted a total of 11 pounds of
mucoid plaque during a cleanse. It is not unusual to pass a total of 35 to 45 feet of
plaque, often in the last week. In our clinical experience of monitoring thousands of
intensive colon cleanse programs over the last 14 years, most people pass a
staggering amount of this strange substance.
I coined the term mucoid plaque, meaning a film of mucus, to describe the unhealthy
accumulation of abnormal mucous matter on the walls of the intestines. Conventional
medicine knows this as a layering of mucin or glycoproteins (made up of 20 amino
acids and 50% carbohydrates) which are naturally and appropriately secreted by
intestines as protection from acids and toxins.
However, mucoid plaque is different from the mucosal lining (mucosa) of the
gastrointestinal tract. The latter acts as a necessary buffer to the gastrointestinal wall
and as a lubricant for peristalsis; it is also responsible for the secretion of mucins
which comprise mucoid plaque. The cells of the outermost layer of the mucosa (the
epithelium) stay fresh and vital, renewing themselves every four to seven days.
It sounds paradoxical, but medical research indicates that mucoid plaque is a normal
self-defense measure—natural protection from unnatural toxins.
Evidence indicates that mucoid plaque, with the possible exception of that found in
the stomach, is unnatural to the healthy body and is found only after the body has
moved away from perfect health and into a diseased state. The theory goes that if
you were completely healthy, your system would produce no mucoid plaque because
it wouldn’t need to.
When the body has been chronically subjected to (or put under attack by) drugs
(such as aspirin or alcohol), salt, heavy metals (including dental mercury), toxic
chemicals, parasites, harmful microbes and their toxins, and circulating immune
complexes (immune cells locked onto undigested particles or foreign substances in
the bloodstream), it produces mucoid plaque to protect itself.
The trouble is once the mucoid plaque is created, for whatever biologically important
reason, it is not routinely excreted from the intestines. Instead it lodges in the
numerous folds and crevices of this large organ and can remain there for many
years. Over time, the mucoid plaque grows thicker, firmer, and more widespread—
colonizing, as it were, the tennis court–sized interior of the intestines. Old feces
adhere to the plaque and are not removed during a normal bowel motion.
The plaque slows down intestinal action, both waste excretion and nutrient
absorption. It can harbor pathogens, including bacteria and parasites, which actually
hide underneath the plaque; it may block the normal outflow of lymph and mucin
drainage. It binds toxins to itself and contributes to bowel toxicity, slowly emitting
toxins into the bloodstream. Finally, plaque creates a friendly environment for
disease, in some cases for colon cancer and gastric carcinomas.

Gradually your immune system is weakened as the chronically toxic bowel
environment destroys useful bacteria. Your liver becomes overburdened by the
unprocessed intestinal toxins, and nerve meridian points in the intestines related to
hundreds of other parts of the body are compromised.
A toxic bowel results in toxic blood and lymph, toxic organs and cells, and toxic
function. The bowel “feeds” every organ, tissue, and cell in our bodies, so when the
quality of feeding from the digestive system is contaminated or of poor quality, the
cells and organs elsewhere in the body will be compromised and grow sluggish and
So while mucoid plaque is “natural” in that the intestines produce it, it is most
unnatural in that the presence of a large amount of it indicates a high degree of
intestinal ill health. When the intestines are ill, you will be ill.
Here is a concise review of the essential elements you need:
Assess Your pH—This is a chemical measurement of your body’s acidity or
alkalinity and, to a certain degree, your level of toxicity. The simplest way to assess
your pH is by moistening a specially prepared (litmus) paper with your tongue; the
color it turns correlates with pH values.
Reduce Your Eating—Generally, as you move further into the program you should
eat less. This enables your body to focus on clearing out the toxins and old fecal
matter without the distraction and energy output of digesting new foods. Each
successive stage in the program involves stricter dietary controls and a higher intake
of supplements and fresh juices with a correspondingly deeper cleansing.
Herbal Laxative—You need a formula to soften and break up toxic waste material
while detoxifying cells. An herbal combination that works well for this (when mixed in
the proper way) includes plantain, cascara sagrada, barberry, peppermint, sheep
sorrel, fennel seed, ginger root, myrrh gum, red raspberry, rhubarb root, goldenseal,
and lobelia. This herbal formula prepares the mucoid plaque for removal and
neutralizes stored intestinal toxins such as pesticides, drugs, and heavy metals. It
also helps cleanse the liver and other body tissues.
Herbal Nutrition—At the same time, you need to bolster your system’s ability to
detoxify. An effective herbal formula for this works as a vitamin supplement and
includes alfalfa, dandelion, shavegrass, chickweed, marshmallow root, yellowdock,
rosehips, hawthorn, licorice root, Irish moss, kelp, and two digestive enzymes,
amylase (digests carbohydrates) and cellulase (digests plant fiber).
Bentonite—Liquid clay derived from volcanic ash, bentonite taken orally is highly
effective in absorbing toxins from the intestines and removing them from the body.
Psyllium Husk Powder—This fibrous bulking agent forms a gel when mixed with
water. While the herbal laxative and nutritional formulas loosen the mucoid plaque,
and bentonite pulls out and absorbs toxic debris, psyllium helps push the toxins and
waste materials out of your body. Probiotics—Your intestines need certain “friendly”
bacteria (probiotics) to perform all of their functions, including the suppression and
elimination of pathogenic microorganisms. Probiotics can also help restore alkalinity
to an acidified intestinal tract thereby assuring that electrolytes will not be lost
because of intestines overrun with acidic bacteria. A particularly helpful probiotic is
Bifidobacterium infantis.
Electrolytes—Your body depends on the essential alkaline minerals potassium,
sodium, calcium, and magnesium to remove toxic acids, maintain fluid balance in
cells and the bloodstream, and control pH, hormone secretion, nerve conduction,
and other functions. An effective way to deliver alkalinizing electrolytes is via
dehydrated juice of beets, celery, and carrots, combined with goat milk whey
concentrate, fig powder, and lecithin.
Antioxidants—As the intestines begin to purge themselves of old matter and
mucoid plaque, large amounts of toxins and free radicals are released. It is prudent
to take an antioxidant formula while doing the colon cleanse to help your system
clean up these released toxins. Good antioxidants to include are milk thistle,
curcumin (from turmeric), Ginkgo biloba, grape seed extract, pine bark extract,
vitamins C, E, and B6, bioflavonoids, lipoic acid, coenzyme Q10, zinc, and
Dietary Changes—First, I generally encourage people to not eat meat in order to
reduce acid-forming dietary input. Second, I suggest people reduce grains, potatoes,
yams, and sweet potatoes for 30 days after they have completed the colon cleanse.
Third, I recommend a raw foods diet maintained whenever possible, ideally based on
home-grown organic fruits and vegetables. A raw foods diet is rich in digestive
enzymes and encourages the body to continue detoxifying.
Is there a connection between old emotions and colon cleansing?
Yes. You will find that in many cases a colon cleanse will purge old emotions and
attitudes stored in the intestines.
Consider this case: Jessie, 20, was a vegan yet was bothered by digestive problems
and candidiasis. Candidiasis, or the overgrowth of Candida albicans in the intestines,
is a condition often reversed by an intense colon cleanse. During the first two weeks
of the cleanse, Jessie began feeling better, but the turnaround came in week three.
Jessie passed what looked like three white cotton balls (presumably Candida
masses lodged in her colon), and thereafter had no more candidiasis symptoms.
In addition to her physical improvements, Jessie had an emotional benefit as well.
She felt an increase in will power, a clarity in her feelings, a new desire to be of
service to others, and a release of long-held resentments.
These points highlight an important aspect of colon cleansing. Many people, after
completing a cleanse, feel energized, uplifted, and freed of old patterns, thoughts,
feelings, and memories that have held them back. When a person is on a course of
personal growth and wants to change their consciousness but is stuck in old
negative patterns of thinking and feeling, there is nothing that will get them unstuck
and change them faster than a colon cleanse.
In my observation of many individuals doing the colon cleanse, a negative state of
consciousness is often, at an energy level, at the root of whatever physical problem
they suffer from. Every thought or feeling we have has the potential of moving from
the mind into the physical structure of the body where it can provoke illness. I
estimate that about 70% of those doing the intensive colon cleanse will experience
long-forgotten memories and buried emotions.
Often the memories and emotions surface into awareness with all their original
charge and soon afterwards you pass a large section of mucoid plaque. As it passes
out of your body, so go the emotions. In most cases, you don’t reexperience those
particular emotional memories.

Here is what I think happens. It is as though you can magnetize proteins or
undigested food left in the intestines with certain thoughts and feelings. These
proteins hold onto the feelings for as long as the proteins remain in the intestines,
and the old emotions and thoughts continually radiate through the body and mind.
They remain literally—tangibly—stuck in your body, somehow bound up with the
mucoid plaque and contributing, though not often usefully, to the personality. Both
the individual’s biochemistry and psyche are continuously negatively affected by
these residues of emotionally magnetized matter.
Let’s say you were 13 and had a traumatic or deeply embarrassing experience. At
some level, every cell in your body was affected by the emotions of that event. It is
conceivable that some intestinal matter imprinted by that experience remains in your
intestines, wrapped inside mucoid plaque and bearing the memory of the original
pain (even though you are now 45 and barely remember the episode).
The personality and one’s operating belief system, after all, are controlled mainly by
a massive accumulation of past thoughts and feelings. To a large extent, intestinal
matter helps hold these feelings in place. The colon cleanse, by purging the
intestines of the mucoid plaque, flushes out this accumulation of old negative
thoughts and feelings.
Before Starting the Clean-Me-Out Program
• Before doing either Phase II or I, be sure to do the pH test and pass. If you do
not pass the pH tests, you can still do The pre cleanse. But build up your electrolyte
reserve before doing Phase II or I. See next section about pH.
• Every person reacts differently to every herb, food, treatment, etc. No one but your
own body knows for sure what it needs, so listen to it carefully. Do not cleanse until
you feel that it is really right for you.
• Always do The pre cleanse first, before doing any other phase. It usually takes a
minimum of one week before the herbs have prepared the mucoid plaque to be
eliminated. It is a waste of time to do Phase I without doing The pre cleanse first.
THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. First time cleansers should do 4 weeks of The
pre cleanse before going into a deeper phase.
• If you begin to feel poorly after you have moved from The pre cleanse into a deeper
phase (Phase II or I), then go back to a milder phase. When people are extremely
toxic, any kind of cleansing can cause cleansing reactions. DO NOT ALLOW
YOURSELF TO FEEL BAD. It is not necessary to suffer. Do not try and be a hero by
pushing yourself through toxic overloads. This could injure the liver or kidneys.
Therefore, it’s very good to alternate with any of the three phases, as needed.
• Whenever cleansing or fasting, a great deal of toxins and mucus can enter the
blood stream. Because of this extra sludge in the blood, when you stand up it may
take longer for oxygen to get into the brain. Therefore, never stand up quickly when
fasting or cleansing. Sit up first and then slowly stand up. Some people have stood
up too fast and have passed out. Don’t let this happen to you.
• If your stomach is sensitive to the “Cleanser”, you can separate them by five
minutes. That is, take ½ dose of “Cleanser” with ½ dose of “Herbal Nutrition”, wait 5
minutes, then take ½ dose of each again. Also, ginger/ fennel tea will help settle the
• Remember that the “Cleanser” has some laxative effects and the bentonite the
opposite. So balance everything according to your own body.
• The intelligent use of “Cleanser” and bentonite controls the consistency of the stool.
It should be loose but not runny. If you get constipated, increase “Cleanser”, or take
an enema. If “Cleanser” causes diarrhoea, either increase bentonite in the shakes, or
decrease “Cleanser”.
• If you have trouble getting the enema water to flow out of the bowels: 1. First try
drinking about 16 ounces of water about 15 minutes before the enema. 2. If this
doesn’t work, then make a tea with wild cherry bark and add to the enema water. To
make this tea, add 1 heaping teaspoon of wild cherry bark to a quart of water. Lightly
simmer with lid on pot for 10 minutes. Strain and add to enema water, making a total
of 4 to 6 quarts.
• Be sure to use pure powdered psyllium husks. Do not use psyllium seed powder; it
will not work for the Cleanse. You can use whole or coarse psyllium husks, but you
will need twice as much.
• When using this Cleanse, never use any psyllium containing any medicinal herbs
such as cascara, goldenseal, etc. Medicinal herbs taken at the same time as
psyllium, will completely disrupt the process. Never take bacteria along with psyllium
shakes because the shakes will absorb most of the bacteria.
• If you are allergic to psyllium, use equal parts of slippery elm powder, corn silk,
gaur gum, and Ground up Chia seed.
• Be sure to wait the full 1 1/2 hours after all psyllium shakes before starting the
herbs. You can take psyllium shakes 1 hour after taking the herbs to make up for lost
• Never use any kind of salt either orally or rectally when doing the Cleanse. Some
people have used salt water enemas or have taken salt water to cleanse their
bowels. Absolutely nothing is more harmful to the cleansing process. Salt will calcify
the mucoid plaque and the intestinal mucosa. It not only can ruin the Cleanse, but
can cause permanent damage.
• If the stomach is sensitive to cayenne, just take 1/4tsp with every meal on the pre
cleanse and Phase II, and don’t take cayenne on Phase I. You can also eat a few
bites of an apple to quench the flame of cayenne.
• You can replace chlorophyll and algae products with either Super GREENS Plus of
Star Stuff. These are incredibly effective products.
• Many people who have used cayenne with the herbs have actually doubled the
amount of mucoid plaque removed, as compared to the other times they had done
the Clean-Me-Out Program. Usually the dose was 3 high potency cayenne capsules
each time the herbs were used. However, one should begin with a single capsule.
Use you discretion.
• Throughout all phases of the Clean-Me-Out Program, you should always take a
probiotic. Take the recommended dose at least 1 hour after the last set of herbs and
at least 1 1/2 hours before bed. We have found that taking A probiotic in this manner,
prevents hunger and constipation after the Cleanse.
• When coming off the Cleanse, be sure you eat only organically grown produce. Not
only is most of the commercially grown produce deficient in minerals and other
nutrients, but it contains arsenic, Cadmium, etc. Arsenic and cadmium, like mercury
and lead, are a deadly poison and are difficult to remove from the body. Heavy
metals have an accumulative effect. The older we become, the more prone we are to
there poisoning. From this day on, please eat only organically grown produce.
• After any cleansing be sure to drink extra quantities of water.
Research confirms that the cause of most disease in America is always
related to a deficiency of organic minerals. My own research has found that mucoid
layers (plaque) are also caused by a lack of organic minerals. How do we lose our
minerals? In order of most importance: 1. Eating to much acid-forming food. 2.
Stressful emotions. 3. Overeating. 4. Infections from bacteria, parasites, yeast,
fungus, and other micro organisms. 5. Metal toxicity such as mercury in teeth,
arsenic in commercially grown food, Cadmium in fertilizer, Nickel from batteries, etc.
6. Environmental pollution.
Quick summary of how most people drain their bodies of the alkaline minerals. Next
to breathing and next to our heart beating, the next most important metabolic
function our body performs is to maintain about 7.4 pH of the blood. If it cannot do
this, then the body will become sick. Every metabolic function depends upon this
delicate balance of pH.
The body has several ways it can rid itself of harmful acids. One of the most
important ways, is through the bicarbonate buffer system. It is important to
understand that this system cannot function without using organic minerals. The
body takes these minerals and combines them with bicarbonate. Then it wraps this
mixture around the acids and removes them out of the body. However, each time we
eat acid-forming foods, we are ingesting potentially harmful acids and the body is
then forced to lose valuable minerals. If our diet is too acid-forming or nutritionally
deficient, then we cannot replenish these valuable elements. It is in this way that we
gradually drain ourselves of minerals. When we lose our ready reserves of these
alkaline minerals, then the body is forced to remove them from out of our own cells in
order to maintain normal blood pH. This can cause radical metabolic imbalances
known as disease.
If the blood pH begins to drop, and the alkaline mineral supply is low, then the
body is forced to extract the needed minerals from anywhere it can get them. If the
body removes sodium from the stomach, then the stomach can no longer create
hydrochloric acid. If it removes sodium from the bile, then the bile turns acid and not
only will acid bile cause the formation of mucoid plaque, but every serious bowel
disease (such as cancer, colitis, etc.) is based upon the bile being acid. If the body
takes potassium from the heart, then heart disease can develop. If it removes
minerals from the liver, then hundreds of problems can occur, including cancer. If it
takes it from the bones, then osteoporosis and arthritis can occur, etc. This is the
pattern that at least 96% of the American people have followed and are still
following. It is primarily caused because of too much red meat, dairy, junk food,
pasta, cool drink, coffee, salt, alcohol, sugar, bread, all refined and processed
products and grains. (Not following your blood type diet is another possible cause)
I have found that some people are too acid to do any kind of cleansing
(except The pre cleanse), fasting, or strenuous exercise without causing potential
harm. The good news is that if we haven’t drained ourselves too seriously, then it is
easy to rebuild our supplies. Doing pH tests will indicate just how serious these
depletions have become.
About 50% of vegetarians are too acid to do any rapid cleansing, fasting, or
strenuous exercise. Up to 40% of meat-eaters are even more over-acid. Doing a
simple pH test is very useful, for it will help us decide if we are healthy enough to
safely do the Phase I of the Clean-Me-Out Program. (Even if we’re over-acid, we can
still cleanse slowly by using the The pre cleanse.) The test will also help us to
determine if we are in good health or just how fast we may be deteriorating and how
we can improve our condition.
These tests are helpful in determining if we can do any deep cleansing,
fasting, or strenuous exercising now, or if we must alkalise our bodies first.
How To Do the Three pH Tests
The following tests are not meant as instruction about pH.
They are only used to help determine if it is safe to cleanse.
The tools needed are pH papers, pencil, paper, and a lemon. I suggest
pHydrion papers by Micro Lab – with 5.5 to 8.0 pH range. It is important to have pH
paper that can be read in two-tenths increments. You may be able to get these pH
papers at your local drug store or maybe at a health food store. (At the drug store
you can expect to pay about $25.00. It should be less than half that amount at the
health food stores that carry it (also available through Arise & Shine). When testing,
it is important to get the paper very wet and read it between 10 and 30 seconds after
first getting it wet. For the urine test, the paper can be placed in the stream of urine,
or one can fill a container with urine and test it by dipping the paper into the fluid.
Use just enough to get a reading. I know one person who uses about a quarter of an
inch and his papers last a very long time. Some people use strips two inches long
and that seems to be a waste. It’s your choice.
Test One – The Saliva Test
Due to the unique characteristics of the mouth, such as its exposure to the air
and bacteria, the mouth pH will not reach the normal levels of the blood. However,
the saliva pH is a fairly accurate reflection of the pH in our cellular and extra cellular
environment. The pH in the mouth should be about 6.4 to 7.
Directions: We do this test after we have had no food for at least two hours. Take a
pH reading by wetting a strip of pH paper with saliva, and then holding it up to the
colour chart which is provided with the papers. Compare the wet paper to the
nearest colour and, presto! you have the pH reading. Now record it.
Note: People who are extremely sensitive to chemicals may wish to avoid putting the
paper into the mouth. They can just spit into a cup and test it there.
Interpreting Test One – The Saliva Test:
6.0 or below = Possibly in a serious depleted condition and further testing is
necessary Indicates potential life- threatening danger when exercising or fasting.3
6.1 – 6.3 = Indicates depletion, but not dangerous. Further testing needed.
6.4 – 6.6 = Very good sign. Passed test one.
6.7 – 7.0 = Perfect for this part of the test.
7.1 or higher = Something may have interfered with the reading. It may be the
thoughts about food, or it may indicate stress or excitement. Wait for about an hour
and do the test again. If the reading remains the same, it indicates abnormal stress.
It could be drugs, parasites, infections, emotions, etc. Stressful emotions are
powerful enough to keep the body drained of minerals, no matter how good the diet
is. Continue on with the other tests and keep a watchful eye for hints as to what is
abnormal within.
Test Two – The Lemon Test
When we abruptly change the saliva pH with an acid lemon, the mouth should
react quickly to this extremely acid condition by flushing alkalinity into the mouth.
Within a few minutes after swallowing the lemon juice, we should have readings of 8
or above. If this does not occur it is another indication of a lack of alkaline minerals.
Directions: We do this test after we have had no food for at least two hours. (It can
be done a few minutes after the Saliva Test, if you like.) Cut and squeeze the juice of
½ lemon into about 2 ounces of water, and drink. Swish in the mouth just a little bit
as you drink it, – no sweeteners. After swallowing lemon juice, wait for 60 seconds
and then check saliva pH with the pH papers. Record reading on paper. Wait
another 60 seconds and take another test and record. Do this every 60 seconds for a
total of 6 times.
Interpreting Test Two – The Lemon Test:
Within six minutes, if the pH reading indicated an 8 or higher, then you
passed the second test and most likely will pass the third, also. This would mean that
we have ready alkaline reserves available, which is a very good indication that we
are in good health.
If during the first test, the saliva reading was above 6.1, and we passed the
second test (lemon), then it is safe to do Phase I (after completing The pre cleanse).
However, if the readings were on the low side, we should do all in our power to
increase our alkaline reserve. By eating close to 100% alkaline-forming foods and
using supplements which contain goat milk whey and beet crystals, we can usually
rebuild our alkaline reserve quickly. By following these procedures during The pre
cleanse, a full alkaline reserve should be obtained by the time the Phase I begins. If
this does not occur, it is because of one or more of the following reasons: 1. Alkaline
minerals were drained to an extreme deficient state. 2. Emotional stress is high. 3.
There is an acid-producing infection within the body. This could be parasites,
bacteria, fungus, yeast, or viral. 4. There could be toxic metal poisoning within the
body. This could be from mercury in teeth, arsenic and/or Cadmium from eating non￾organic foods, lead and other metals from environment.
If readings of the lemon test were below 8 but above 7, we have also passed
the second test, but the third test is necessary. This indicates that we have ready
reserves of alkaline minerals, though not as much as we should. It says we’d better
be careful and stay away from acid foods. It indicates that our body sometimes has
to take minerals from our body organs, but not always. This means that we can do
light cleanses, but we should not do Phase I or water fast yet, unless we pass the
third test.
If readings are below 7, but higher than the reading taken in Test One – The
Saliva Test, it would mean that there is some alkaline reserve left, but not much. It is
necessary to take the third test and not likely that it will be passed. It is an indication
that health may be in a serious condition. However, if stress is high, it could cause a
misreading here; but even so, stress will weaken all bodily functions very quickly?
If the readings of the Lemon Test remain at or below the Test One reading
(before swallowing lemon), then this person is also in a seriously depleted condition.
Fasting, cleansing (other than the pre cleanse), and strenuous exercise should not
be done until the alkalinity is restored.
Test Three – The Urine Test
Urine pH changes quickly. It reveals how our bodies react to the food we ate
the day before. When organic minerals are available in adequate amounts, urine pH
will be acid after eating acid-forming foods. If we are deficient in organic minerals,
then urine pH will be alkaline after eating acid-forming foods, because ammonia will
be in the urine.
Directions: Choose a day when you can eat only acid-forming foods. (A list of acid
and alkaline foods is available in the back of this book.) After eating only acid￾forming foods for the entire day, the urine reading the following morning is very
important. The very first voiding in the morning is the time to take this reading.
Interpreting Test Three – The Urine Test: (the next morning’s urine test after eating
acid-forming foods the day before): 6.8 or above = Body has no alkaline minerals to
draw upon. The kidneys are forced to secrete ammonia directly into the urine. This
occurs only after an extremely acid condition and when the body has no minerals to
draw upon. The body uses ammonia to help compensate for the extreme acid
accumulation. This is a state of alkalosis which is caused because of too much acid
in the body.4 This condition is serious and the odour of ammonia may be noticeable
in the urine. This means that the body is unable to handle acids effectively and the
liver and kidneys are operating in an emergency mode. Action should be taken
immediately. No strenuous exercise and no cleansing (except The pre cleanse) or
fasting should be done. Diet needs to be changed quickly and emotional stress must
be resolved. Gradually increase alkaline foods. Light exercise is beneficial, but do
not run or exercise vigorously until saliva reading is above 6.1.
Note: How good a person feels is not an accurate indication of good health. If after
eating acid-forming foods for one or more days and the urine pH is above 6.8, then
that person is physiologically sick -falling apart at the seams.
6.1 to 6.7 = Depletion is serious, but not dangerous. If the pH reading during Test
One (The Saliva Test) was 6.1 or higher, and during Test Two (The Lemon Test), it
was 7 or higher, it is OK to do all phases of the Clean-Me-Out Program; but it is
necessary to drink mineral broths and/or carrot/celery juice and take organic
electrolyte supplements while cleansing. Water fasting and strenuous exercise is not
advised. If the lemon test reading was below 7, it is not advisable to do any
cleansing except The pre cleanse, until readings improve. This person should be on
a crash program to bring the alkaline reserve back into balance. Read “How to
replenish the alkaline minerals”.
5.7 to 6.0 = Indication that alkaline minerals are available. The test has been passed,
but it could be better.
5.6 or below = Good supply of minerals. Passed the test.
Note: These numbers are just a rough guideline, because each person will be
choosing different acid foods and eating different amounts of them. It would be too
difficult and complicated to measure just how acidic each person’s intake was.
Acidic people can get sick when trying to alkalise their bodies. They must take
it slowly and not try to alkalise too quickly. One exception: if they have AIDS, cancer,
or some other degenerative disease, then they don’t have time to alkalise gradually.
They must act without delay, even though they will probably have a rough time of it. I
recommend that these people find a doctor who understands the material in this
book, and follow his or her advice. In any case, beginning The pre cleanse
immediately is recommended, for it will assist in removing acid-producing micro
organisms from the bowel as well as removing metabolic stress. Drinking plenty of
carrot/celery / apple juice and mineral broths is strongly recommended.
Those who did not pass the pH tests should stop eating acid foods, alkalise
their bodies by eating mostly fruits, vegetables, mineral supplements (that are high in
organic sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium), and begin The pre cleanse. After
alkalising and passing these tests, then it is safe to cleanse more deeply.
Note: After a healthy person eats alkaline-forming foods for a couple of days, the
next morning’s urine pH should be 7 or above. Everyone should strive for this.
Note: Whenever we are cleansing or fasting, our urine and saliva pH will drop,
because the body is removing large amounts of acids.
Miscellaneous Factors that can Influence pH
• Kidneys control pH. A problem concerning the kidneys can prevent a balanced pH.
A kidney cleanse is recommended before doing a liver cleanse.
• Breathing affects pH. Habitual shallow breathing can cause acidosis and may
indicate a problem with the medulla. If you don’t exercise then start a gentle program.
• High Altitude can cause a person to breathe at a faster rate, thereby increasing
• Lung damage or smoking can inhibit acids from being removed through the lungs.
• Stressful emotions create acids and cause increased acidity.7
• Parasite infections, fungal overgrowths, yeast infections, and bacterial overgrowths
can create enough acidity to prevent a balanced pH. It is good practice to do regular
parasite cleanses.
How to Replenish the Alkaline Minerals
• Stop eating acid-forming foods.
• Eat only alkaline-forming foods such as fruits and vegetables.
• Drink carrot juice (organic) with 1/4 of a whole lemon per glass.
• Take supplements that offer a quick supply of natural organic electrolyte minerals
(Cesium can help).
Note: For those who are extremely over-acid or over-alkaline, they could experience
cleansing reactions if they attempt to replenish their alkaline minerals too fast. They
need to be doing The pre cleanse as they go or eat a small amount of vegetarian
acid-forming foods (like whole grains) to help keep them in balance.
When people get off schedule, it is OK to take the shake or eat one hour after the
Herbs, but it is important to wait at least one-and-a-half hours after the psyllium
shake and two hours after eating to take the Herbs.
Pre-Cleanse Preparation
There are three phases of the “Clean-Me-Out Program.” Before doing the Cleanse
it is very advisable to do a short pH test to determine if it is safe to do so. Extremely
acid people should not do any fasting or cleansing (except The pre cleanse) until
they have built up their alkaline reserve.
About 1 to 4 weeks before starting Phase I, we need to do the Pre Cleanse, as it
takes time for the herbs to go into the system and condition the mucoid plaque so
that it can be removed.
When using the herbs, plus the psyllium shakes, the mucoid plaque can start to be
eliminated while still on the Pre-Cleanse.
It is important to take at least two psyllium shakes a day while on the Pre-Cleanse
and three is better. Below is the ideal Pre-Cleanse. Eat two meals a day and take a
psyllium shake three times a day. Take herbs* 1-1/2 hours after each shake and 2
hours after each meal.
6:00 am Psyllium Shake
7:30 am Herbs
9:00 am Psyllium Shake
10:30 am Herbs
12:00 PM Lunch
2:00 PM Herbs
3:30 PM Psyllium Shake
5:00 PM Herbs
6:30 PM Dinner
8:30 PM Herbs
(Note: Never take herbs with the psyllium shake. Each will counteract the other to a
large extent. *Herbs are “Cleanser”, “Herbal Nutrition”, (I use Dr Christophers Lower
Bowel Formula and start with 1/3 tsp or 3 caps, which you can slowly increase during
the cleanse to as much as 3 tsp or 18 caps if you dare), I would also take Cayenne
and colloidal Minerals and or sea minerals. For best results I strongly suggest taking
a Super food, extra cayenne pepper, Cell Food, and Systemic Enzymes. Extras =
Chlorophyll/Blue Green alge/Spirallina)
It is best to take cayenne powder up to 1/4 teaspoon (as much as you can tolerate,
while being sensible) each time the herbs are taken.
For Colloidal Minerals dosage, follow the directions on the label. increasing this
dosage is also recommended. If you get cleansing reactions, slow down on the
herbs. If you are taking the sea minerals to much will give you diarrhea which will
dehydrate you. Not a good thing.
During the pre-Cleanse period eat no meat, dairy products, sugar or products with
sugar in them (get into the habit of reading labels), and especially no salt. Have no
fried foods or foods cooked in oil. Limit your intake to olive oil and CHIA seed oil.
Honey, real maple syrup, and date sugar sweeteners are okay. Eat all the fruit,
salads and raw or cooked vegetables you want. Try to have at least one raw meal
per day, and plenty of fresh vegetable juice and fresh fruit juice. If conditions in your
life make this difficult, just do the best you can.
Millet is okay because it is alkaline, but limit the other grains or beans to only twice
a week, and those should be soaked overnight before you lightly cook them. (Easy
does it on the beans.) If you do this, you will condition your body for cleansing in a
gradual way that will keep you from feeling badly, while removing excess toxins that
you don’t need.
What to Eat While on the Pre-Cleanse
Absolutely No Limited OK
Bread Beans Fresh raw juice
Canned & frozen food Cooked grains Fruits
Chocolate Honey Millet
Cigarettes1 Chia Potatoes
Coffee & Soft Drinks Maple Syrup Raw vegetables
Dairy & Eggs Salads
Distilled vinegar Sprouts
Foods cooked with oil Steamed vegetables
Fried foods, margarine Supplements2
Meat, fish, birds Vegetable soup
Nuts & Seeds
Salt, sugar
Store-bought cereals
Tofu and Soy products
Wheat products
The Day Before Starting the Cleanse
Your last regular meal should be lunch. The evening meal should consist of fresh,
raw fruit. It is a good habit to get into— making your dinner of fresh fruit only. You will
find that you sleep better at night and your body will cleanse itself while you sleep.
There are some who feel that you could put a stop to one-half your ailments by doing
that alone!
Take an enema two-to-three hours before going to bed. One hour before bed take
two or more ”Cleanser” and three or four “Herbal Nutrition.” From now on nothing
should be eaten for seven days unless you are following Phase II — Easy Does It.
Phase I Cleanse
Drink water (do not use tap water). Dr. Christopher suggests that in addition to fruit
and vegetable juices, one should drink one ounce of distilled water daily for each
pound of one’s body weight. Therefore, on a regular eating diet, a person weighing
130 pounds would need 130 ounces (or one gallon) of distilled water a day. During
the Cleanse, try to drink two quarts of water a day in addition to your other drinks.
You can drink all the herbal teas you want as long as you use water and as long as
there is absolutely no black tea or sugar in it. Water is important because, like
bentonite, water helps to extract inorganic minerals, calcium deposits and other toxic
wastes from the body. Besides, as I mentioned before, it’s much safer to drink than
tap water.
Some people express concern about distilled water pulling out the body’s
electrolytes or organic minerals. About the only time this may “appear” to happen is
when someone’s body is already depleted of these elements. This condition would
indicate that there is a problem in digestion, assimilation, or diet. It might also
indicate a malfunction of the body or an environmental problem. Dr. Walker had
been drinking distilled water since 1930 and was in good health at the ripe age of
116! Fruits are also cleansing and can succeed in repairing the body when all else
fails. During the Cleanse, feel free to drink all the fresh fruit juices you like. (The
exception is fresh orange juice or other citrus juices. And remember to dilute your
juice 50/50 with water!).
During Phase I, remember that it is a very good idea to take enemas twice every
day, in the morning and repeat two-to-three hours before bed. If conditions cause
you to miss one (and you can’t even make it a quick 15-minute one), you may have
to increase “Cleanser” during the day to keep things moving. Five times a day, every
three hours, drink the “psyllium shake”. This mixture should be the first of your ten
feeding’s during the day. (Now you can understand why you will never feel hungry.)
Here’s how to mix it:
• pour one or more tablespoons of extra thick liquid bentonite in a shake
container (shake bentonite before using) NOTE: If you do not use extra thick
bentonite, about six tablespoons are needed.
• add 2-4 ounces juice
• add 8-10 ounces water (distilled is best)
• add 2 teaspoons of psyllium husk powder
• shake briskly for five to ten seconds
• drink immediately as this mixture gels quickly (the warmer the liquid, the
quicker it gels; don’t make it so cold that it hurts to drink)
• drink a “chaser” of 8 ounces or more distilled water (you can flavour it with
Then five times a day, one-and-a-half hours after drinking each “psyllium shake”,
swallow Dr Christophers Lower Bowel formula with eight ounces of distilled water, by
now you should be able to take at lease ½ tsp of Dr C’s Lower Bowel formula. Try to
steadily increase this. I was able to take 2 tsp each time, but Don’t over do it.
Different tolerances for different people. Optional but highly recommended: Take a
super food, enzymes, with the herbs. Fifteen minutes before taking the herbs, take
the Minerals in a small amount of fruit juice. Your last feeding of the day should be
the herbs. On this last feeding, take a little extra “cleanser” herbs. Cell Food can be
taken between the herbs, but not with them. Best to take cell food on its own.
Stay on Schedule
Schedule yourself to take the feeding’s at regular, hour-and-a-half intervals and
stick to your schedule (to avoid feeling weak at any time). You can start as early as
you like. Just make sure you get all ten feeding’s in. Here’s an example of a
schedule you might follow:
7:00 am—Psyllium Shake
8:30 am—Herbs
10:00 am—Psyllium Shake
11:30 am—Herbs
1:00 PM—Psyllium Shake
2:30 PM—Herbs
4:00 PM—Psyllium Shake
5:30 PM—Herbs
7:00 PM—Psyllium Shake
8:30 PM—Herbs
I would also take Cayenne and colloidal Minerals and or sea minerals. For
best results I strongly suggest taking a Super food, extra cayenne pepper,
Cell Food, and Systemic Enzymes. Extras = Chlorophyll/Blue Green
Directions for Phase II—Easy Does It
(The Easy Way to Cleanse)
Absolutely anyone can do Phase II. This is designed for those who are addicted to
eating. If you’re one whose salivary glands seem overactive and whose stomach
growls every time you see food or even pictures of food—this program is for you.
Phase II – Easy Does It is also designed for those who are extremely toxic, those
who are very weak physically and those whose aches and pains are such that it
would keep them from cleansing. The elderly and those with serious diseases should
be on this program.
During Phase II – Easy Does It follow the same directions given for Phase I – Go
For It for one or two days, depending on your condition. Around noon on the third
through seventh days, eat one meal of the following: raw salad, fresh fruits, lightly
steamed vegetables or some baked potatoes. Stay away from everything else that is
cooked or processed.
In every other respect, this program is exactly like Phase I — Go For It. You will
simply consider this meal one of your feeding’s (a substitute for the “psyllium
shake”). One-and-a-half hours later you will be back on schedule, taking your herbs
and “Star Stuff”. Make sure you still get in your other nine feeding’s.
Phase II – Easy Does It can be done by anyone and will still eliminate mucoid
matter and toxins. It just keeps the body from doing it faster than you might be
comfortable with. Therefore, do not expect to eliminate the same 25-50 feet of
mucoid matter that those on Phase I – Go For It can expect to pass. But do expect to
rid your body of the toxic substances—just at a slower rate. Some are still removing
15-25 feet a week doing the Cleanse this way, which is still more than one can
eliminate following the other cleanses on the market.
6:00 am Psyllium Shake
7:30 am Herbs
9:00 am Psyllium Shake
10:30 am Herbs
12:00 pm Lunch
2:00 pm Herbs
3:30 pm Psyllium Shake
5:00 pm Herbs
6:30 pm Psyllium Shake
8:00 pm Herbs
I would also take Cayenne and colloidal Minerals and or sea minerals. For
best results I strongly suggest taking a Super food, extra cayenne pepper, Cell Food,
and Systemic Enzymes. Extras = Chlorophyll/Blue Green alge/Spirallina
How to Stop the Cleanse
On the morning of the 7th day of the Cleanse, prepare the oral implant to he taken
that evening: Use recommended dose of probiotic and put into 6 oz. of spring or
mineral water (unchlorinated, uncarbonated and not distilled) and let stand for 8-12
hours. Do not take any psyllium shakes after 3:00 p.m. In their place drink any type
of fresh juice, unless Candidiasis is present. Fresh carrot juice is delicious. If you are
really hungry after this, eat some fruit. Continue taking the herbs, increasing the
number of “Cleanser” by up to 1/4 tsp. You are preparing for the implantation of the
probiotic, and your objective at this point is to clean the intestines of the bulk
substance so that it will not interfere with the implant. In the evening, drink fresh juice
for supper. One hour later take more herbs, increasing “Cleanser” as above, and
sometime in the evening take a regular enema then drink the Probiotic preparation
that was made in the morning.
To prepare for the following morning’s rectal implant, empty the contents of 4
capsules of Probiotic into 16 oz. of spring or mineral water, and let stand for 8-12
hours or overnight. Also, prepare another 2 capsules for the next morning’s oral
On the morning of the 8th day drink the Probiotic mixture then take a thorough
enema. Don’t rush it. You could also take a colonic or use the “Ultimate Colon Unit,”
as long as no chemicals (such as chlorine) are in the water, as chlorine destroys the
good bacteria. If you took enough “Cleanser”, all the bulk should have passed
through by the end of the enema.
While waiting 2 hours, have breakfast. Any fresh fruit in season would be good. Do
not mix fruits, especially melons and citrus. Two hours or more after the end of the
enema you may feel that more loosened mucoid substance or bulk needs to be
expelled. If so, take another enema and wait 2 more hours. If not, proceed with the
More About Ending the Cleanse
Lunch should consist of fresh fruit or lightly-steamed vegetables, freshly-made
soup, or a raw salad with natural lemon juice dressing, if you wish. Whenever you
eat out, bring your own olive oil (please, never use safflower or corn oil), and apple
cider vinegar or lemon. Restaurant salad dressings are often 5004 sugar. The oils
they use are extremely hard on the liver, and their vinegar is distilled, which is also
destructive to the body, and contains dye.
Supper should consist of fresh, raw fruit. Eat all you want. Two hours after supper
take some more “Cleanser”. Immediately before bed take the oral implant and
prepare another oral implant for next morning. Take the last rectal implant and if
possible, retain it all night.
The 9th day’s menu should be fruit for breakfast, salad, vegetable soup, or lightly
steamed vegetables for lunch, and a supper of whatever you feel is best. I would
suggest fresh fruit.
From here on out, your diet is up to you. Try not to overeat or be influenced by old
desires for unhealthy cooked foods.
Oral Implants: It is best to take 1 capsule of Probiotic twice a day, morning and
evening (2 per day), for 2 weeks. Then take one capsule a day until bottle runs out.
(Soak it in mineral water or spring water for maximum results. If this is not
convenient, it will work by just swallowing the capsule.)
Note: Best to take it first thing in the morning or 30 minutes to one hour before bed
on an empty stomach. Taking it about 30 minutes before a meal is okay. If time is a
problem, you can take right after a meal when the hydrochloric acid is in its most
diluted state.
Those who suspect that they have Candidiasis, E-Coli, or a predominance of other
unfriendly bacteria, should begin taking Yeast End 2 weeks after starting the
Probiotic. It is necessary to build up the bacteria before using Yeast End.
Should Constipation Occur: It is customary to become constipated for about 2
days just after the Cleanse. About 40 to 60% of the normal stool is composed of
bacteria and it takes several days to build that up again. After the bacteria has grown
back, bowel movements should be normal. Those who are usually constipated may
find their problem is ended even after the first Cleanse, and the bacteria re￾established. If not, they should take one psyllium shake a day, without bentonite.
This will supply the needed fibre to keep things moving.
After the end of the second day, anyone who has not had a bowel movement,
should take some “Cleanser” and “Herbal Nutrition” that evening. The next morning
they should start taking one psyllium shake (without bentonite) a day for several
days and use “Cleanser” and “Herbal Nutrition” only as needed. It is best not to rely
upon these herbs unless there is a problem.
Cleansing Reactions
One well-known colon cleansing program claims no cleansing reactions. I tried it.
Not only did I feel terrible for a month, but I got absolutely nothing out. Now
depending on the toxicity of the body, there may be cleansing reactions, which will
differ from person to person. Most people never feel bad while on the Cleanse, but
some do. However, I no longer recommend that people just “tough it out,” even
though you may really want.
The older or weaker the person is, or the more foul the intestinal tract, the more
likely there will be cleansing reactions. Realise that the more cleansing reactions you
have, the more your body is crying out to be cleansed. Cleansing reactions may
reveal themselves as skin eruptions or in the very symptoms of the disease you are
trying to get rid of. My wife had gone on the Cleanse about five times in a seven￾month period. On her third cleanse (having never had any cleansing reactions
before), she finished the seven days as usual and then, for the first time, began to
eat raw fruits and vegetables only. (She usually would just go back to her regular
diet, which included some cooked foods). Then the cleansing reactions set in. She
had every symptom of the walking pneumonia and bronchitis she had suffered in her
childhood and early 20’s. However, this time she rejoiced, for she knew that she was
ridding herself of those symptoms forever. After ten days of telling herself and certain
well-meaning individuals (who kept insisting that she had abused her body with “that
fast”) that she was just experiencing a valuable “healing crisis,” her health returned.
Before that cleanse, every time she exercised or even climbed stairs she would
wheeze and feel a heavy congestion being stirred up in her chest. After that ten-day
period, those symptoms disappeared and now they do not recur even when she’s
backpacking or playing tennis.
You may experience other reactions such as dizziness or spaciousness. People
with the increasingly-popular candida albicans (which I am beginning to suspect
could be related to parasites, but which is being diagnosed as a yeast infection)
often feel weak or tired while cleansing. I had candida, and during the first ten
cleanses I felt terrible— well, not all that bad, but weak. Each time after finishing any
cleanse, the candida symptoms lessened. After my second time on the “Clean-Me￾Out Program” I experienced almost no cleansing reactions and felt better on the
Cleanse than while eating. This is probably attributable to the fact that I was getting
cleaner and cleaner with each cleansing.
Meat eaters have more reactions than vegetarians only because, as a rule, they
have more filth to get rid of. Most everyone else will have no problems at all (unless
they have had a lot of drugs or sugar). Occasionally a very toxic mucoid layer may
loosen from the intestinal wall and its debris will flood the system with temporary
toxic waste. If this happens you may feel nauseous and weak. That’s the time for an
extra enema or colonic—this helps to move it out fast. As soon as that toxic
substance comes out, you’ll feel better immediately.
Something like this happened to me once on the fourth day of my first cleanse
when I was sitting in front of the fireplace reading a book. I had been feeling fine.
Then suddenly, I felt something shift in my abdomen and I started to feel weak, then
worse and worse. I put the book down and slumped in the chair. I could hardly move.
About 40 minutes went by when I felt the urge to go to the bathroom. I made it to the
bathroom and sat down—it flew out! I looked in the toilet and couldn’t believe my
eyes. It was the longest and most spectacular piece of hardened mucoid gunk I had
ever seen — two feet long and very dark. It gave me great encouragement to keep
on cleansing. But what was more, I felt fantastic. I went into the other room and for
the first time in years I felt like doing push-ups. (And did them!)
With the very sick, elderly or weak, caution is advised. Almost everyone needs to
eliminate more, but some are too weak to do so. When we begin to use cleansing
herbs, the body may click into gear and start eliminating from anywhere and
everywhere, causing what to some would be alarming Symptoms. These individuals
should ease into herbal programs more cautiously (following Phase II – Easy Does It)
and under the supervision of a health professional who has a lot of experience in
herbal cleansing as well as the equipment to test the body’s conditions. If you can
find such a rare health professional you will be fortunate indeed. Their successes
being so high, they are under constant suspicion and the watchful eye of the A.M.A.
In fact, the moment they have even a tiny slip-up, they are locked up immediately.
Many of the great healers or promoters of alternative approaches to health have
been put in jail — Christopher, Irons and others. Dr. Shook disappeared suddenly
and was presumed murdered.
NOTE: “YEAST END” If we suspect Candidiasis, E-Coli, salmonella, other harmful
bacteria or fungus have gained control in the bowel, we should take Yeast End;
however, it must be used with caution as its effect is to eliminate unwanted
organisms, and a toxic reaction can occur. It is important to build up the intestinal
flora using a Probiotic for 1 to 2 weeks prior to the use of Yeast End. Then take
Yeast End once a day as indicated above for the first 2 weeks to help control yeast
found in the throat and/or stomach. Then increase to 4 in the morning and evening
for 2 more weeks. Yeast End may also be dissolved in the mouth to help eliminate
yeast there. More extreme candida infestations may require up to 3 bottles.
Children’s dosage is half the potency of the adult. if severe diarrhoea occurs for
more than 2 days, discontinue.
The Tongue
You will notice as you cleanse that your tongue will turn white and filmy and your
breath will be foul. This is somewhat a reflection of what is happening inside the
digestive canal. As you use the herbs and drink the juice, the mucoid layers will
soften some. You may notice that your abdomen swells. As more and more mucoid
layers are removed, the swelling will go down. Your tongue will become more and
more clear. This is a good gauge as to how clean you are becoming. For when you
are all cleaned out, your tongue will be shining red (just like a newborn baby’s). It will
be free of all whiteness or film and your breath will be permanently sweet. Even your
bowel movements will become sweet-smelling (this may also occur during the
Cleanse). If you eat poorly—odours will return. Let this be your goal: to be sweet￾smelling from one end to the other!
Implantation Procedure
• Pour the probiotic mixture made the night before into the enema bag. If the
enemas are taken on the back, place a pillow under the hips to elevate them and
help the liquid to remain inside.
• Let the mixture enter slowly and use the hands to move it up the descending
colon, across the transverse and down the ascending colon by massaging the
• Once the entire 16 oz. is in, roll over onto the right side, again massaging the
liquid to the furthest end of the colon.
• Retain the liquid as long as possible. Should you feel the need to eliminate, lift
the hips higher and stay in this position until the urge passes. As long as the mixture
is retained even for a few minutes, you will receive many of its benefits.
• If you should experience any gas, take another small enema, using distilled
water. This will allow the gas to escape and relax the colon. Keep in mind that the
colon has just had its pH chemistry changed, which is why the body sometimes
produces gas and other slight reactions, which will soon pass.
• In the evening and the following morning repeat the above implantation
procedure, remembering that the longer the Probiotic mixture is retained, the more
effective the implant.
Some people use “Cleanser” and “Herbal Nutrition” on a regular basis until their
digestive systems are working normally. The herbs in “Cleanser” are not true
laxatives. They clean, feed, stimulate, and rebuild the lining and peristaltic muscles
of the stomach and small intestines. Keep in mind that while the formula or
combination is relatively new, the herbs are natural, time-tested, and are able to
work with the body’s natural, self-healing abilities. This is not at all like taking
drugstore laxatives, which are both harmful and habit-forming.
It is important to understand that these herbs are designed to remove the mucoid
plaque. They are not designed to work as a laxative. People who need a laxative and
are not using these herbs to eliminate the mucoid plaque, should try having extra
fibre and plenty of water in their diets. People are surprised to find how well their
digestive system will work by drinking one very large glass of water first thing in the
morning. If that doesn’t do it, then they should try one psyllium shake without
bentonite in the morning, after they drink their water.
Do not take any more psyllium and bentonite shakes until two or three days after
you have finished the entire bottle of Probiotic. The reason for this is that you want to
allow time for friendly bacteria to be well-established. Just taking psyllium without
bentonite will not cause a problem.
Once you’re certain that you have a good implant (and you will know this because
bowel movements will be easy, soft, and have no unpleasant odour), more mucoid
layers can be removed by doing The pre cleanse a little longer.
Try to eat only two meals a day (not including fruits). Eat fruit for snacks either
one-half hour before meals or three or more hours after meals. Pineapple or apples
are the only fruits I would eat after regular meals. (They are digestive aids!)
As long as you are regulating your dosage of “Cleanser”, 1-2 feet of mucoid fecal
layers may continue to pass out every day.
Note: Unless you are on Phase I or II of the “Clean-Me-Out Program” it is best to
take occasional breaks from the herbs so that the body does not become immune
to their healing effects. I would suggest that with any herbs, you take them for six
days and go off the seventh. Then take them (if you feel your body needs them) for
six weeks and go off of them the seventh week, etc. In this manner they will continue
to give your body their maximum benefits.
Herbs- “Cleanser” and “Nutritional” or Dr Christopher’s Lower Bowel Formula.
Other Items Needed for the Cleanse
LIQUID BENTONITE acts like a magnet or sponge, absorbing toxic debris from
the entire alimentary tract. It can absorb 180 times or more its own weight in
toxins, bacteria and parasites. It should be used with psyllium husk powder. Then
it pulls the loosened mucoid layers from the walls of the intestinal tract. The
loosened matter then adheres to the bulk of the psyllium, allowing a quick exit in
large pieces from the body.
PSYLLIUM HUSK POWDER swells when used with liquid bentonite and other
liquids, producing a mass of soft jelly-like substance. It takes on the shape of the
intestinal canal, acting like a broom and sweeping clean any loosened substance.
In cooperation with “Cleanser”, this is a very important part of the Program.
SUPER FOOD will give you every supplement you will need to cleanse and
CHLOROPHYLL is exceptionally high in iron. Iron attracts oxygen. Iron and
oxygen work together in burning up toxic waste. There is nothing better to help
remove serious disease, toxins, waste, poisons and damaged tissues from the
body. It greatly helps in the elimination of mucus, acids and mucoid faecal
substance from the body as well as putrefaction and bad odours. It destroys
germs and harmful bacteria and is a natural and powerful antiseptic, especially for
the intestinal tract. It’s the best internal deodorant and blood builder there is. With
any chronic or degenerative disease, I would use chlorophyll. It’s a super￾concentrated source of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. I prefer making it fresh,
as this is its most effective form. Manual wheat grass juicers cost about $75 new.
Then we can make our own “green drink,” using a variety of fresh, organic herbs,
diluted with distilled water. The best ingredients are alfalfa leaves, wheat grass,
watercress, parsley, kale, collard, or any of the greens, comfrey leaves, plantain
(herb), and dandelion. When we’re not cleansing, it’s also very effective with fresh
beet or carrot juice. Consistently drinking one or two ounces, three or four times a
day, will bring us the health and energy we’ve always hoped for. If everyone
would use this Cleansing Program, drink fresh chlorophyll drinks, and stay away
from high-protein foods, I believe that in less than 10 years there would be little
disease. This is Nature’s Magic, and it is going to be much more effective in a
clean body that can assimilate it properly.
There are sources of liquid chlorophyll that are available at any health food
store. Some are ready-made and organic. In this form, chlorophyll is an effective
breath cleanser when swished around in the mouth before swallowing. Some
people become ill by using liquid chlorophyll that is not organic or has flavours in
it, such as mint. I suggest DeSouza ‘s Liquid Chlorophyll, which is organic, or
powdered chlorophyll tablets, which are excellent.
BLUE GREEN ALGAE is a very high source of vitamins, minerals, amino acids,
enzymes, and chlorophyll, and is useful when the body’s energy is low. It gives
extra strength, endurance and support. If you feel you may be subject to a drop in
energy while cleansing, it may be advisable to include it. I believe that Blue Green
Algae is one of the best nutritional supplements available. Testimonies from users
are impressive. Many report more energy, improvement in memory, the
disappearance of various diseases; and recently, some people claim they were
cured of cancer, leukemia, and AIDS. It was found that they took up to 12 to 15
grams of Blue Green Algae to obtain the desired results. I haven’t had the time as
yet to verify these reports.
DISTILLED WATER is definitely the best, and is strongly recommended. It only
pulls from the body that which is loose, and cannot pull anything that is part of cell
tissue. However, in distillation the life force is lost. You can replace it by adding
some freshly-squeezed lemon, lime, or orange juice to it. Aqua Vita in Tucson,
Arizona, pumps purified air into their water which completely rejuvenates it. If you
can’t get chlorine-free water, then at least boil it, as this will evaporate the
chlorine. After it cools, it will be good for drinking and taking enemas. If it has
sodium fluoride in it, then you need to get distilled water, because fluoride is a
deadly poison—a byproduct of the aluminium industry—and will not dissipate by
boiling. Mineral water is not good because the minerals in it are inorganic.
FRUIT JUICE which is fresh and organically grown is best. You can make your
own juice, using apples, watermelons, cantaloupe, etc. Second choice is buying
juice from stores which carry fresh, organic apple juice. Third choice is
purchasing organically-grown fruit juice that is pasteurised. This is readily
available at any health food store. Apple is still probably the best, but berry,
grape, grapefruit, orange, and occasionally, pineapple juice is fine. Juice should
never contain any sugar, corn syrup, fructose or any unnatural ingredients.
Use orange juice only if you’ve been on the Cleanse several times, or have
fasted quite a bit, and been a vegetarian for a few years. It is so cleansing that it
can cause rapid elimination of toxic waste, making it difficult for the body to
handle. Always dilute your juice with distilled water while on the Cleanse.
Those who feel they have Candida albicans (or anyone who does not tolerate
fruit juices) should use herbal teas or just plain water to mix with the “psyllium
shake”. Peppermint, liquorice root, hibiscus, stevia, and lemon grass are all tasty
teas. Any other will do if you like it. You could use fresh vegetable juices (except
carrot), but it will slow down your cleansing. Some health food stores also have a
“Gourmet Psyllium Husk Powder” that helps balance the pH in the intestines. It
seems to be helping those who have Candida albicans and hypoglycaemia.
Probiotic is a combination of micro organisms which is free from common
allergens. It supplies the system with the natural bacteria for the human intestinal
tract. It first creates an acid environment, restricting the growth of pathogenic
organisms, and about 24 hours later, begins producing alkaline by-products. This
is necessary for a healthy bowel environment.



colon hydrotherapy machine cost

colon hydrotherapy machine cost

Presently we use Ultra Blend, 2012 or Flora Food orally to implant the friendly
bacteria into the small intestines. It is important to implant both orally and rectally
immediately after the Cleanse.
LIQUID MINERALS are optional but very advisable—a wonderful product
containing organic, cheated, colloidal, non-toxic minerals, which means the
minerals are in a state wherein they are tiny enough to be absorbed quickly and
easily through cell membranes to be utilized by the body. This product is
extremely valuable for those who have not been assimilating their foods properly
or who have not been on good, clean, nutritious diets. In terms of cleansing,
these Liquid Minerals greatly assist the metabolic enzymes in their process of
elimination; and in terms of better health and overcoming disease, they assist the
enzymes in rebuilding the body.
Reports about this product reach near-miracle levels. I’ve heard of grey hair
returning to its natural colour, and rashes, arthritis, cataracts, diabetes, and other
diseases disappearing after using Liquid Minerals for an extended period of time.
(However, no claims are made for the curing of these conditions by its use.) It can
be applied externally on rashes, sores and bites and is excellent for burns and for
the complexion. This product is considered by some doctors and nutritionists to
be the most complete and effective source of organic minerals now available. It is
loaded with over 60 minerals and trace minerals. People need organic minerals
and most people are not getting them.
Using Liquid Minerals before, during and after the Cleanse makes for better
cleansing. You don’t need them to clean out the mucoid plaque, but they will help,
and your body will be better for having used them. For those concerned about
electrolytes, this will help, but “Herbal Nutrition” is better. Organic minerals usually
work slowly but surely, and it is suggested that you take them for about seven
weeks before you judge their effectiveness. Suggested dosage is 1 tablespoon
for each 30 pounds of body weight twice a day for 2 weeks, cutting the dose in
half thereafter. While cleansing, use the same amount as on your first two weeks,
but divide it up into 5 equal amounts and take along with the herbs. Because of
the bitter taste, you might want to take Liquid Minerals diluted with fruit or
vegetable juices. Pineapple juice works well to disguise the bitter taste, and prune
juice is good too. Capsules of Dehydrated Liquid Minerals are available and are
much easier to take. Warning: Liquid Minerals are less expensive, but have an
acidic effect. They should be used only when a person has a full alkaline reserve.
A SIXTEEN-OUNCE SHAKER CONTAINER will be needed for the “Psyllium
Shake”. Any container with a tight lid will do fine.
AN ENEMA BAG will be required.

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