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Clysmatic Colonic Hydrotherapy Machine

Clysmatic Colonic Hydrotherapy Machine what it?

Colon hydrotherapy is also called intestinal lavage, which use filter water to thoroughly clean colon and eliminate toxins in the body. It has the function of improve constipation, correct diarrhea, adjust intestinal flora imbalance, and prevent bowel cancer. And it also has the effects of beauty, skin care, weight loss, and regulation of endocrine disorders.

Colon hydrotherapy is popular used in American and European hospital, clinic and beauty club. It is becoming a popular beauty and detoxification method and is treated the hottest Physical and natural therapy for colon and body healthy.

Clysmatic Colonic Hydrotherapy Machinemagical effect

Improve constipation, acne, abdominal distention, diarrhea

Improve headache, insomnia, halitosis and body odor

Improve uric acid too high

Improving physical abdominal obesity

Improvement of triglyceride in blood and poor peripheral blood circulation.

Improve dark spots and rough skin

Strengthening liver and kidney function

Avoid improper medication and avoid blind health care.

Clysmatic Colonic Hydrotherapy MachineClysmatic Colonic Hydrotherapy Machine

How clysmatic colonic hydrotherapy machine to working?

Essentially, fluids are poured through a tube that has been inserted into the rectum.

The fluid is then released as a normal bowel movement, expelling with it mucus, bacteria, and toxins. The process can be repeated several times and the entire process from start to finish can last up to an hour.

The angel of water colonic machine Maikan ® Clysmatic colonic hydrotherapy machine is a very simple, safe, comfortable, and hygienic way to irrigate the colon for endoscopic, radiological, or other medical purposes. The following sequence of events briefly describes the colon irrigation procedure.

The tank is filled with hot and cold water controlled by a water mixing valve on the basin right topside. The proper temperature of the water falls between 99 -103 degrees Fahrenheit and is monitored by the temperature gauge visible on the front of the tower cabinet. If at any time the water rises above 103 degrees Fahrenheit, the temperature sensor will trigger the flow valve to shut off, stopping water flow to the client.

After the client has comfortably positioned himself on the basin (with the pillow and cushioned backrest in place) and inserted the nozzle into the rectum, water flow can be activated by turning ON the FLOW switch. Water flow can be stopped at any time by simply turning the FLOW switch OFF. The tank line to the basin nipple has a backflow prevention valve as a permanent plumbing safety feature. It is located underneath the fiberglass basin and is connected directly to the basin nipple through an opening in the basin wall. It prevents water from flowing back into the line once it has passed through the basin nipple into the nozzle and into the client’s rectum.

Clysmatic Colonic Hydrotherapy Machine Here Quick Way to Get the Info

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The System utilizes the controlled pressure created by gravity as water exits the elevated tank in the tower cabinet as activated by the FLOW switch. The procedure can be stopped at any time by simply turning off the FLOW switch to stop the gravity-fed stream of water or by the person simply sliding back off the nozzle and resting on the basin.

A typical colon hydrotherapy session lasts approximately 30-40 minutes and uses approximately 10 gallons of water, which is the total volume capacity of the main tank. Usually, only one tank full of water is needed. At the end of the session, all three switches (U.V., CYCLE, FLOW) are turned OFF and the client slides back off the nozzle so that it naturally drops away from his body.
The client can now drain comfortably on the ergonomic basin, sitting up erect or leaning back in a lounge position to fully drain her colon. After this is done, the client can rinse himself using the personal shower sprayer and its control valve located on the basin left topside. Tempered water is delivered to the sprayer by the same water mixing valve on the right topside of the basin that also sends water to the System tank. The client can then towel herself dry before dressing and leaving the privacy of the colon irrigation room.

Clysmatic Colonic Hydrotherapy Machine Clysmatic Colonic Hydrotherapy Machine Clysmatic Colonic Hydrotherapy Machine Clysmatic Colonic Hydrotherapy Machine Clysmatic Colonic Hydrotherapy Machine

How to use the clysmatic colonic hydrotherapy machine?

How to use the Clysmatic Colonic Hydrotherapy Machine?

The Patient/Client undresses from the waist down and is properly draped during session. A small colon cleansing nozzle is gently and easily inserted in privacy. Colon cleansing nozzle are ‘size of a pencil’, single use, and disposed of after use.
Clysmatic Colonic Hydrotherapy Machinebar2
Water flows through a Carbon Filter which removes any sediment, rust, or chlorine. The water is purified by an Ultra Violet Purification System, before it passes through the colon cleansing nozzle. Water flows gently into the rectum and waste releases naturally.

A gentle slow rate of UV purified-temperature safe water is fed from the gravity-fed Column. Less than TEN gallons of water may be used during the session at a safe temperature of 98 F. to 102 F. (36.8ºC to 38.ºC) (Water temperature is safely controlled and adjusted). An Odor Exhaust System insures that the session room and entire center remains odor free. (Odor System is included with the purchase of the Clysmatic Colonic Hydrotherapy Machine Device)

Clysmatic Colonic Hydrotherapy Machine base (table) has over three feet of clear viewing tube, which allows the patient/client and the therapist to easily view (without any odor) the waste during releases.

A rinsing sprayer is used to rinse bottom after session. Sessions last approximately 45 minutes. Modesty is protected at all times.

A trained colon hydro therapist is always nearby to monitor and provide patient/client assistance and comfort as needed.

After each session the Clysmatic Colonic Hydrotherapy Machine is easily and safely disinfected.


Clysmatic Colonic Hydrotherapy Machine Clysmatic Colonic Hydrotherapy Machine Clysmatic Colonic Hydrotherapy Machine



Why we need the clysmatic colonic hydrotherapy machine?


1.Relieve constipation pain, stay away from disease hazards

Intestinal hydrotherapy can completely remove harmful stools and intestinal toxins in the large intestine, relieve constipation pain, have significant curative effect on hemorrhoids and bloating, and effectively prevent digestive diseases such as colitis and rectal cancer.

2.Conditioning the intestines, easy to exclude in the body

Intestinal hydrotherapy maintains the ecological balance of intestinal water ions, moisturizes and restores intestinal lubrication and peristalsis, and long-term siltation of stools and daily food residues can be smoothly excreted.

3.Healthy weight loss and remodeling

Intestinal spa treatment uses physical weight loss method, laxative intestines, speed up the emptying of chyme in the small intestine, avoiding excessive absorption of nutrients by the body, thereby greatly accelerating the decomposition of fat, rapidly reducing the belly, slimming and losing weight, and reshaping the body shape.

4.Detoxifying and rejuvenating

Intestinal hydrotherapy removes the stool and toxins, so that the function of the internal organs can be fully and effectively improved, the body’s toxins are eliminated, the skin’s gloss is enhanced, the skin elasticity is increased, the hemorrhoids and pigmentation are eliminated, and you are rejuvenated.

5.Protect the liver and nourish the kidney, purify the blood

Intestinal spa treatment can eliminate the toxin content in the blood, greatly reduce the burden of liver and kidney, improve liver and kidney function, improve blood microcirculation, and effectively treat fatigue, insomnia, dizziness, headache, memory loss, Body odor, bad breath, etc.

6.In addition to toxins, enhance the body’s immunity

Intestinal hydrotherapy eliminates stool and toxins, effectively promotes the growth of intestinal wall fibers, maintains the young hydration and elasticity of the intestines, and enhances food digestion and nutrient absorption rate. It can improve the function of various organs of the body, effectively prevent the invasion of bacteria and viruses, prevent disease and prevent cancer.

Clysmatic Colonic Hydrotherapy Machine Clysmatic Colonic Hydrotherapy Machine Clysmatic Colonic Hydrotherapy Machine

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