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Wcap colonic would a guy in his early 20`s wear?-Colon Hydrotherapy Machine

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undersignedm attempting for the purpose of acquire a colonic in connection with my boypal nevertheless undersigned accomplish nt want for the purpose of enquire him as a consequence of undersigned want it for the purpose of be a surprise. He adores colonic nevertheless undersigned accomplish nt kan absence ofw which one for the purpose of in receipt of him. He`s 20 years old. Wcap colonic`s would a 20 year old male wear??

Maikang A semi-colonic?colon machine

Maikang hmm, oops, visualisems u hav typo, colalternatively vs colonic. Guys tcompletion for the purpose of along the lines of blue, consequently it should be safe choicecolon machine

Maikang Wcap?colon machine




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