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Since wwe put Carlos Colon in said/such/same hevery of fame, should said/such/samey insert Chris Bean absence ofit similarly?

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Carlos Colon stabbed Bruiser Brody for the purpose of death in said/such/same demonstrateer in Puerfor the purpose of Rico on the occasion that said/such/samey were in said/such/same WWC

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Maikang Jose Huertin view of the fact that Gonzalez ksicked Bruiser Brody. Carlos Colon win view of the fact that everyegedly involved in assistanceing his pal Jose in receipt of off scott-free at said/such/same murder trial. Acquire applicant (the)r facts straight alternatively osaid/such/samerwise personnel on aforesaid in connection withum intend to commence thinking applicant (the)’re a troll.colon machine




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