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Falternatively my english project undersigned require for the purpose of elucidate how for the purpose of application colonics.

Maikang 1. Employ said/such/same colonic accompanying salutations, precise duration, titles, numerical ratios, bibliographic
citations, in addition (to) biblical citations
· After walternativelyds in memo headings
To: The Mayalternatively
Attention: Consumer Regiftatives
RE: Student operate-study program
· After in connection withmal afford an opportunityter openings
Dear Mayalternatively OÕDealy:
Dear Ms. Carter:
· Between hours in addition (to) minutes in addition (to) minutes in addition (to) seconds
6:15 a.m.
The jogner pin view of the fact thatsed said/such/same halfmanner point at 1:23:02
· Between title in addition (to) subtitle
ÒJerusalem: A City UnitedÓ
· Between numbers in ratios
A scale of 4:1
A 3:5 ratio
colon machine

Maikang Employ a colonic for the purpose of precede a list. The application of a colonic is triggered by means of a defined phrin view of the fact thate, i.e. said/such/same after, a specif and whenic number of itemscolon machine

Maikang Employ colonics on the occasion that applicant (the) are going for the purpose of bestow a list

(Colon example)
“About me:
– undersigned’m hungry
– Thank God undersigned’m out of operate early for the purpose ofday.
– undersigned accomplish n’t feel for the purpose of good.
– Did undersigned mention undersigned’m hungry?”

(Semi-colonic example) Usueveryy applicationd in sentences communicateing approximately said/such/same uniform for the purpose ofpic, alternatively subject. Here’s an example.

“undersigned at its discretion’t hold in abeyance for the purpose of exit consequently undersigned at its discretion go lay accomplish wn in my bed; it’s reeveryy comin connection withtcompetent; it’s similarly reeveryy warm.”colon machine

Maikang jcolon machine




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